Media Create hardware sales (9/22 - 9/28)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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qwerty6761477d ago

god, those console numbers are abysmal.

about 1k people bought an xbox one. in the entirety of japan, that's just pitiful.

and its not even xbox, the best ps4 can do for a week is 8k?

what is wrong with this country. just pathetic numbers all around.

aviator1891477d ago

The consoles just need better games that are tailored to the Japanese audience. When that happens, people who are waiting will buy them.

qwerty6761477d ago

so you're saying they're smarter then us and dont just blindly buy consoles without any killer software support?

ABizzel11477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )


No he's saying the games released thus far have been for the west for most part (even if there isn't a single standout title among them yet).

Japan has had few AAA Japanese games come to these consoles outside of Nintendo exclusives (in the PS4's case most of which were also on the PS3). So Japan sales won't go up until we see the big sellers launch there like Final Fantasy, Smash Bros. Wii U, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, etc...

If Destiny boosted the PS4 numbers up from 8k -> 30k in Japan, then those numbers are going to be even higher when the real Japanese PS4 games start coming out. And the same thing for Wii U when Smash comes out.

XBO is just going to have a hard time in Japan regardless, just like every other gen.

The Japanese console market is shrinking a bit, but it's never been as huge as people think. There was always a console monopoly in JP starting with NES, then SNES, then PSO, then PS2, and last gen it was split between Wii and PS3 (with the Wii edging out the PS3).

Total sales in JP has always been in the 20m - 30m range for all consoles combined. Meanwhile several handhelds have sold those numbers alone. Japan has a population of 130 million people, and consoles sell a combined 30m tops, that's still nearly 25% of the population that are console gamers, which is a big percentage.

MasterCornholio1477d ago


I'm really getting sick and tired of your xenophobia.

Why can't you just accept that the Japanese have a different taste in games than westerners?

Seriously it isn't about a certain race of people being superior to the other its all about culture and the differences in tastes that it produces.

I'm really getting tired of all the racist comments towards the Japanese that I'm reading on N4G.

darthv721477d ago

@quick...home console sales have not been doing good there for a while now. Portable and mobile gaming has been gaining in popularity (especially mobile games).

Its just the changing market conditions. In other parts of the world, console gaming is more popular than portable/mobile. Its okay that there are differences based on territory and culture. there is no rule that says if its popular in one place then it MUST be popular everywhere else.

frostypants1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

You don't need a PS4 to make a pretty JRPG. It's not a graphically demanding genre.

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Ocsta1477d ago Show
mydyingparadiselost1477d ago

It's not necessarily about what's "wrong" with the country, it's about the Japanese lifestyle. Lots of jobs are 12-18 hour work days, a lot of travel is done on trains, housing space is small and being social and an out and about person are big things in the country. There's not much time to spend at home playing games on a console, and it's especially hard with the costs associated with console gaming. For them it's much easier on the wallet and the lifestyle to game on mobile devices, especially phones.
In short... It's cultural, plain and simple.

Ocsta1477d ago

They used to play the CRAP out of consoles! Did the country get smaller and the working hours longer in just the last few years?

mydyingparadiselost1477d ago

People in the US used to play the crap out of arcade games until consoles brought that experience to the home. Things change, and phones in Japan have changed how people there play. I don't like it either, I wish arcades were big here again and consoles were hot in Japan, but it's just not like that. Hopefully creepy VR school games will help move some console though, maybe start turning things around :P

frostypants1477d ago

I think it's that the types of games they play don't REQUIRE the power of these new consoles. They were barely pushing the last gen's capabilities.

theshredded1477d ago

maybe it's because those consoles don't have any worthwhile games yet

XB1_PS41477d ago

There's nothing wrong with Japan. They prefer mobile gaming. That's nothing to be ashamed of.

system221477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

its a cultural thing. They aren't obsessed so much with the latest and greatest technology (surprisingly) as they are with finding a larger selection of titles that appeal to them. To a Japanese person the ps3 might be more appealing than the ps4 for example because it has tons of quality software - even if its not the latest craze. They are a proud and loyal country too which is probably an additional reason why they give Nintendo a lot of love and don't seem to be pushing too hard to get the ps4 in China (turns out they don't get along).

kwandar1477d ago

I noticed the Wii U coming up over the PS4 this week, so perhaps those abysmal hardware numbers have more to do with good software - which at the moment Wii U has more and more of.

Concertoine1477d ago

Thats definitely why the PS4 isnt doing great there. The wii u has actually heen ahead of it mostve this year, but only by like 1k each week.

jjonez181477d ago

-Wii U, I don't know what's going on there. Honestly I don't follow Wii U trends. Smash will help? Doesn't the wii u already have a 2m install base in Japan.
-PS3 is at the tail end of its lifecycle after selling 10m units in Japan(still the go to console for 3rd party Japanese console games)
-PS4 is going to sell alongside the PS3 for awhile. Not many 3rd party games will be Ps4 exclusive, until that user base starts to switch over. We should see a difference in this years average come Q1 next year. When Bloodborne, and other 3rd party Japanese games drop albeit on ps3 as well.
-Japan doesn't know what an Xbox is.

TheWackyMan1477d ago

Handheld gaming is the fad in Japan right now.

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KakashiHotake1477d ago

I think Japan is just done with consoles. Their almost a completely casual market now.

superchiller1477d ago

I think you're absolutely correct. Japan no longer matters in the console market, they've moved on to cheap mobile games instead. Pretty sad.

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marloc_x1477d ago

Are you painting 3DS and Vita in the same broad stroke schiller?

And yes, I do mention these handhelds in that exact order..

LOL_WUT1477d ago

Time to focus on China as an untapped market consoles will do better there ;)

Shinobi1001477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Say that again after the New 3DS & New 3DS XL & Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate release next week. Those numbers will be off the chartz. You're right in one sense. Home consoles are weakening in Japan. But handheld consoles like 3DS & Vita will continue to sell well. The movement is toward gaming on the go, that includes handheld consoles.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS is #1 on Amazon's best sellers list at the moment. I expect to see a boom for the 3DS in the US, as well.

deafdani1477d ago

Yeah, ignore handheld sales entirely, especially those of the 3DS. Or are you saying those are casual, too?

MSBAUSTX1477d ago

PS3 outselling XB1 almost 6 to 1! That isnt good. Wii U went up thats good. Vita and 3DS are tearing it up though.

jackanderson19851477d ago

it's nothing really... MS have a history of selling poorly in Japan, not sure why people think the X1 would be different

MSBAUSTX1477d ago

Not necessarily think it would as much as I was hoping it would. Hate to see any of the big three doing poorly. Perhaps MS should make a decent handheld and start porting orriginal Xbox games and 360 ganes to it the way Sony is with Vita. It might sell better.

NeoGamer2321477d ago


XB is always outsold in Japan by PS by that margin or higher.

That's like saying that Vita isn't doing good against 3DS in North America where it is being outsold 10:1 on most weeks...

Just because there is a high ratio competitively doesn't mean it is bad... The big indicator is how it does longer term. Are the numbers going up or dropping after 6 months in the market?

Right now XB numbers look pretty good to me... All the launch titles were from the past year really. So we are seeing a console with games out for a year being launched against 2 consoles in their home court and with home court loyal fans... Looking at it that way, the sales aren't bad at all.

MSBAUSTX1477d ago

My point was that it is PS3! An old and now pretty much replaced system yet it continue to sell better than XB and almost as good as its replacement. An 8 year old system should not be outselling a new one.

GodGinrai1477d ago

Damn..Not even the Vita TV is selling. triple figure sales are shocking. Thought for sure that was going to become a popular device in japan. Basically, if it aint a 3DS, they are not really interested.

Gemmol1477d ago

the games they like are more appealing for them on the 3ds, its not the Vita TV fault

GodGinrai1476d ago


"the games they like are more appealing for them on the 3ds"

Well, there are some PSV titles in the top ten too...I just thought a small, cheap console with access to the PSV and playstation libraries via PSnow, is something they would have jumped at.

kalimero21477d ago

many people thought that xbox one will do well in japan because it was sold out at some retailers before launch

"But But But, why is Microsoft wasting their time with Japan. 4 of the top 5 are XB1, and I understand it is probably the daily charts, but the fact still remains, XB1 shot up and is getting some preorders. This might be the gen XBOX finally makes headway in Japan. If they cut that 9:1 ps3:360 ratio to 3:1 that is a drastic improvement for one console generation. Now they just have to keep releasing diverse software like Scalebound and Phantom Dust, mixed in with smaller titles and sequels to Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. "

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