Alice movie still coming - "We will get it made."

Gameplayer reports that the movie adaptation of American McGee's Alice is back in production, but that Sarah Michelle Gellar will no longer star.

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Silogon4514d ago

Lets see, Sarah Michelle "I use to play on All my children where my talents were suited" Gellar is a complete poon dart. I wouldn't bank or stake anything she's got to say and last I heard Clive Barker and Mr no talent Wes Craven are holding shares in this movie.

That is a trifecta of suck. Neither of them can write a script to save their lives. Trust me, I know. Believe me.

SlappingOysters4514d ago

Got to be Tim Burton doesn't it?

Alternatively Fincher, Del Toro, Gilliam could be good. As for Alice, stuff Sarah Michelle Whatella.

How bout... Alba. Thinking Sin City version

Neurotoxin4514d ago

Not having Michelle Geller will make this film better, even if it is rubbish

Silogon4514d ago

I've read the original script for this project back when it was called (American McGee's:looking glass)and it was already rubbish. She's just gonna ass it up and make it worse. Like I said, you get Clive, Wes and Sarah in a room and the suck will be so high they'll implode. Wait and see. She bought the rights to the film/games though so let her roll with it. She'll learn she should've stayed on AMC.

ice_prophecy4514d ago

I enjoyed this sadistic bastard of a game!

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