The Crew: Ubisoft "confident" that Uplay will hold up at launch

Dealspwn reports: "he Crew is breathtakingly ambitious. As I reported in our extensive hands-on preview, it's an attempt to blend MMORPGs and racing games together into a single package, set in a 5000km² adventure playground shaped and themed like the United States, with the ability to form persistent crews and factions with other players for competitive co-op. It's a brilliant idea, and one that could absolutely smash the genre wide open if it works.

However, there's an elephant in the room. Uplay. Ubisoft's digital platform has historically proved itself unfit for task during game launches, such as we saw with Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3, whereas The Crew hinges around its multiplayer as a core part of the experience. Will it hold up?

Naturally I made sure to pose the question to creative director Julian Gerighty."

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KrisButtar1478d ago

I've had so many hard times with online games at launch that I don't even bother with them or the online portion until at least a week after launch.

Blues Cowboy1478d ago

Yeah, that's the smart play. That means you get to see some reviews/YT footage first too and make an assessment.

uptownsoul1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Hold up for launch?…The Crew's PS4's beta codes don't even work (in the NA/USA)

radler1478d ago

Uplay is a terrible, unnecessary service that always breaks when games launch. The most recent example was Watch_Dogs.

2cents1478d ago

I agree. The worst is when you plan a launch weekend to just stay home and play, buying all the munchies and cold ones you would need. Pizzahut on speed dial and curtains closed only to be welcomed by a popup warning stating something along the lines of...

"You are being returned to the title screen, Unable to connect to server. Please try again later. Error Code: 000812330049857FF00#"


Yi-Long1478d ago

I hate uPlay. Same goes for EA's Origin. It just means an extra service to have to log into, it means extra passwords to remember whenever they demand it, and it usually means problems and troubles whenever one of those online services goes down due to some error on their part.

It's just annoying, and for most gamers, there's also barely any benefit.

I've bought your game. I'm paying for XBL or PSN. Just let me play and don't bother me with anything else!

Blues Cowboy1478d ago

I think that The Crew will be the last opportunity for Ubisoft to prove that Uplay is worth a damn. If we get 'unable to connect to server' issues in launch week, that'll cripple both the game and what little credibility the platform has left.

"It's just annoying, and for most gamers, there's also barely any benefit."


stubbed_out1478d ago

They do it for the commoditisation of your data...and yes you're very correct, it's the most annoying bloody thing in the world!

RebelWAC1478d ago

I agree with this comment so hard that I had to personally comment to let you know that I agree with this comment.

Hell, I might even create another account just to agree once more..

Antifan1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

How do these online DRM services benefit gamers again? They still haven't explained that one.

radler1478d ago

They don't. At this point it's better to pirate Ubisoft games because you have a better chance of them working correctly with Uplay gutted.

andrewer1478d ago

Ubisoft doesn't destroy other studios like EA...EA is in their own level of ridiculousness.

WeAreLegion1478d ago

Gamers confident that Uplay is a huge waste of everyone's time.

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The story is too old to be commented.