Games under £8 discounts start today on PlayStation Store(EU)

This week we’ve gathered together a selection of PS Vita and PS3 games for less than £8/€10 each. We hope you’ll find plenty here to feed that impulse-buy itch, from retro-inspired side-scroller Gunslugs (79p), to the epic Mass Effect games for less than £8 each.

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Hellsvacancy1479d ago

Boooooooh still not Borderlands 2 half price season pass

Yi-Long1479d ago

I'm getting more and more annoyed that Sony EU refuses to put some decent PS4 games on sale. Just a few weeks ago the USA got Tomb Raider for 20$, plus they've had some nice deals on other PS4 games as well.

Here in the EU, pretty much the only GOOD PS4 deal we had was Injustice Gods Among Us for 15 euro, but even that game has been even cheaper on de USA PSN.

theshredded1479d ago

is silent hill worth buying?is it enjoyable to play in today's standards?

dennett3161479d ago

Do you like survival horror games like the old style Resident Evil games? If so, and if you don't mind the ugly PS1 era graphics, and some puzzle solving, then it's a fine game, especially for the price it's being offered at.
The combat is clunky and the controls take a little getting used to, but give it 10 minutes and you should be fine. It's still an effective horror title, despite the graphics, and has a good and engrossing story. Great atmosphere too.

sanosukegtr1231479d ago

now i have money to spend and in america they don't have that sale bummer