The Secret To Horror Games Success Is Uncertainty, According To The Evil Within Creator

"Horror games generally fall into two categories; one being that you are an overgrown meat-head who smashes through the game, the other being that you genuinely feel terrified and don't know what's coming next. The creator of The Evil Within likes to focus on the latter."

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theshredded1479d ago

Oh...nvm my bad.However,I know a store that gets games a week before release so 6 days for me-:D

Chaoticmoon1479d ago

Could you pm me the name of the store ;)

Omnisonne1480d ago

Uncertainty as well as unpredictability, scripted events tend to feel forced in a way. And might give you a feeling that this is how its meant to happen, at this specific time, with a specific solution.

Whereas with more dynamic games , it feels more alive, and every choise can be a possible death trap. Building a more realistic sense of fear

My experience as vet horror player anyway :D

Zizi1480d ago


wheatley1479d ago

I would have to agree, particularly with the limited ammo in the game. I would worried about using my gun on one infected, when a group could be around the corner.

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