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"The works of Tolkien are somewhat sacred grounds for fans of The Lord of The Rings series, so to attempt a fresh game that take place within the already established lore took some balls, great big swinging gargantuan balls. Get it right and you've conquered the hardcore fans, get it wrong and you'll no doubt feel the wrath of the Tolkien faithful fellowship."

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1503d ago
Aceluffy1503d ago

Nice review. This game is pretty satisfying, especially the combat.

People are gonna be TOLKIEN about this game for a while :)

RedDevils1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

The size of this game is huge especially if you're downloading it

psvitamanfan1503d ago

Don't forget the ultra texture packs on pc: mega huge

--bienio--1503d ago

Great game!! For me is 10/10 at the moment GOTY!!!;) we'll spend 29.99£😃

Lou Ferrigno1503d ago

This game is freaking AMAZING, really captures the essence of Tolkiens world imo while having amazing visuals, combat, gameplay, story and for me,the Musical Score is so damn awesome..worth every penny :)

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