30° NCAA Football 09 Demo Impressions

BigPete7978 of writes:

"First and foremost I have been playing football games for as long as I can remember. Lately EA has been dropping the ball year after year, yet I continue to buy their game every year because I need my football fixes. Every single year I pick up NCAA Football and Madden no matter what. I'm hoping the minor annoyances that I am experiencing in the demo stay in the demo, and are not in the final retail version. Hopefully this is an early build, because if not we have another year where people complain that they dropped the ball. I am going to do my impression/review this way. I will tell you what I like, and then what I dislike. Then I will tell you whether or not it seems worthy of a purchase or not. Hit the jump for the rest of the article."

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whateva3825d ago

they fixed it up a bit.

StalkingSilence3825d ago

can't wait to try it tonight.
Why did this article fail, anyone know?

BigPete79783825d ago

Yeah they did fix it up a lot from last year. SS it's not failed anymore. There was no reason for it to fail considering that there was no reports occurred on it. I got it fixed.