Tech Powering PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Revealed: Separable Subsurface Scattering; Havok, Yebis &More

The manual of the alpha test of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne didn’t just reveal quite a lot of info about its co-op gameplay, but it also includes an extensive list of third party tech, middleware and tools used by the game, giving us interesting insight on how From Software and Sony’s Japan Studio are creating their unforgiving title.

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PCBOX1506d ago

Nowadays gaming jounalists and sites talking abot technical numbers and tricks,technologies used in games rather than speak games itsself.I am afraid of in next few years no one is going to speak about the rest.

By the way Using all that stuffs and still not looking like TO 1886 or Ryse very interesing!!!

nX1506d ago

Yeah yeah, whatever. I appreciated reading this.

xHeavYx1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Don't bother, PCBOX is an Xbox troll, he complains about numbers but he was probably very excited about those 5 billion transitors

Septic1506d ago

Fair play to you.

I read the headline and I'm like:

Rimgal1505d ago

@Septic I read the headline and I was like...

dantesparda1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

And yet another MS fanboy trolling and nothing happening to him. Instead I'll be the one to get marked as "Off topic or trolling" are whatver bullcrap they come up with.

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PaleMoonDeath1506d ago

"Tech Powering PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Revealed: Separable Subsurface Scattering; Havok, Yebis & More"

You took the time to click THIS link, and say this, bugger off.

tlougotg1505d ago

You are the most pathetic and biggest loser on this site, yo just stfu already your annoying go troll somehwhere else. Just because you suck the order in there doesnt make you convincing. And idk what your talking about, this game still looks awesome and isnt as restrictive as on rails Ryse or The Order. This game is doing other great things.

ABizzel11505d ago

I swear the ignore button doesn't work 100% of the time. I check every time to make sure you're ignored, and you always are, but every now and then I can see the ignorance you still post.

OT: This is for people who enjoy knowing the technical side of gaming, and who are potentially striving to be developers themselves. With this information they can start learning these programs or finding similar programs, to gain experience at an early age, so they can be ahead of the curve.

Just because you're ignorant of the process doesn't mean people don't want to know, or the information is unnecessary, you don't want to hear developer talk, then don't click on an article describing tech in a game.

Kumomeme1505d ago

i wish you could be more creative when trolling

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aerisbueller1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

The separable subsurface scattering doesn't look very good to be honest. In case anyone doesn't know what it's supposed to simulate, here's a very good example:

I know the NVidia demo takes much more power to render and the point of the Separable one is to be less intensive, but the light shining through the ear on the nvidia demo is an example of what it should look like. After noticing that, you can see how the rest of the skin that doesn't have light shining through it as directly, like the front of the face, still looks like it reflects more softly than you see in most games and the Separable Subsurface demo. This is because the light is penetrating the skin, and scattering and becoming diffuse before reflecting back out to the viewer. As the video goes on you can see them remove the effect altogether and it looks plasticy and less natural and realistic.

That Separable thing doesn't look much better than having no subsurface scattering at all, to be honest.

kingmushroom1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Hey guys Sony's sending the beta test codes!( for Bloodborne) check your PS4 notifications NOW!

for those who registered.

i just got mine! ....downloading now.

lonelyplayer1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

where was the registration link? :(

Sorry for the off-topic.

1505d ago
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