Feature: The 10 Weirdest Sports Games Ever

Mutants playing hockey? Leather fetishists on the links? These crazy games are the anti-Madden.

There's nothing that draws the ire of hardcore gamers more than sports games. The same slate of games, year in, year out offering little but roster updates and a realistic experience of running around with a ball or a stick. Thankfully, a few oddball developers have created some pretty unique sports games that think out of the (batters) box.

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Syko3773d ago

Skate Ur Die Seems like such an odd choice considering the rest of the games on the list. One of the all time legendary games in my book. Still play it from time to time on my Modded Xbox. Brings me right back to the 80's everytime.

PS360WII3773d ago

Yeah I still have my Skate or Die game. I played Outlaw Golf that was an oddity for sure