14 Video Games That Prove Local Multiplayer Is The Best

WC: Local multiplayer has sadly become less of a priority for a lot of developers in recent years. While Halo has always allowed groups of friends to gather round a TV with tasty snacks and beverages and murder aliens together, Bungie’s latest Destiny is strictly online only.

Some would say it’s a sign of the times, that having a sexy HD screen all to yourself and playing online is way better than splitting the screen up and having to share your lovely sofa with those smelly heathens you call friends. Especially when there’s always one that manages to spill their bloody drink.

For those that grew up with it, though there’s nothing like the sense of community that comes with local multiplayer. As fun as playing online is, you can’t high five your team mate through a headset and you most certainly can’t see the pain on your opponent’s face when you destroy them on a game. They also won’t see your celebratory dance in which you mime fornicating with their dearest relative. And you’d just look weird doing it on your own.

Alas, all is not lost because we still have a rich library of historic local multiplayer titles to choose from. And there are still a few developers around today that value it enough to put it in their games. The following 14 are fine examples that show local multiplayer at its loud, obnoxious, friendship-ruining best.

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