The PlayStation Plus Price Hike Is Not “For The Players”

A news piece via EGMR regarding the South African pricing of PlayStation Plus, following an email that went out the previous night. Note that the pricing changes occurred on October 1st and the email was sent on September 30th, towards the evening.

Quote: "So that’s a massive 50% increase. And if you’re on the 3-month subscription then the price will be rising from R145 to R219, which is an even larger relative increase. Audaciously, the email title actually says “increase slightly” because apparently in PlayStation terms, slightly means a fucking lot."

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Mikelarry1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

PSA: price hike in SOUTH AFRICA

I hope they don't try that in the UK, as that would cement me playing only single player games going forward, and from the look of things all the " social online shared world games" have not really impressed me on what the benefits are

sinncross1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

its damn awful. think im just going to get a US PS+ account.Seems like the PS store is getting similar PS+ goodies these days so that is fine with me. this new price is ridiculous.

EDIT: on a side note I would have to swap accounts for my PSV which would make me sad :/

bouzebbal1480d ago

if i were living in SA boycott is the only way to get more explanation at least.
this is unacceptable..

Septic1480d ago

Can you not piggy-back memberships so that they add on to each other? In that case, SA players might want to shell out now for a few years worth of plus.

Mind you, I always find that you tend to get cheaper subscription codes from other retailers. I dont ever pay full price for Xbox Live or Plus. XBL for example is supposed to be £50? I pay £23-£25 from other reputable online retailers and have done so for years.

XBLSkull1480d ago

Wow, that is quite the price hike.

inveni01480d ago

Did anyone ever think that it may be more expensive to run the necessary server farms in South Africa than other areas?

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ramiuk11480d ago

749.00 South African Rand equals
41.063 British Pound Sterling

thats about right.

its £39.99 in uk retail price.
arverage price in uk is prob only around £33 though and i bought my current 12 months forr £20.

its prob because they was getting such a good deal before that it seems bad.

who pays RRP for anything ??

Torque_CS_Lewith1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I was taken aback by what Sony considers a "slight" price hike. I mean good grief 53% is massive!
It's bad enough that PS4 gamers here in SA pay more for retail and digital games but now they are going to pay R250 (+-$25) more to play games online too. ($30 more for Fifa 15 LOL)
The only thing slight about all this is the warning period, 30th September at 18:50 and the increases happened 5 hours later at 00:00.

FarEastOrient1480d ago

When was the last you checked the currency exchange? Canada had playstation prices go up because the Canadian dollar went down in the exchange.

Torque_CS_Lewith1480d ago

The Rand did not go down by 53% though.

donthate1480d ago

Good grief, that is a lot!

I find it ironic that people think companies are that different and that Sony is somehow for the players and others are not. Sony is for the consumer whatever makes them money, and so is MS, Nintendo or almost any other company.

That said, with a price hike we really have to first view the other costs. Is it expensive to live in SA, higher taxes or is it just more perilous to do business there?

A huge price hike in itself isn't bad if there is a good reason for it.

WeAreLegion1480d ago

As the owner of a business, I find it odd that people think everyone is only concerned with money. Depends who's in charge. Sure, it's great to make more money, but sometimes you do something because you love it.

Don't you think if everyone at Sony were only concerned with money, they would have canceled Journey and Shadow of the Colossus at some point during their troubled development? They didn't seem worth the financial risk at the time.

I'm sure Nintendo and Microsoft have done the same. So, I think it depends on the person.

donthate1480d ago


As a business owner myself with employees, when it comes right down to it, profit is what keeps the company afloat not sheer will.

Sure, there might be a few other factors in consideration when you have that profit, but the ultimate goal is always and will always be, PROFIT i.e. MONEY.

Take your example of Sony for instance, when the Playstation brand was at its' height with the PS2, what happened to the PS3? The comments coming out at the time enraged customers. Do you think Sony would sing the tune it does now, if PS4 wasn't making head over heels profits?

You only have to look into it's history, to see clear examples of the need to profit. How the PS3 went from media center first to gaming console first, and how the PS4 just continues this path.

If Sony was for the gamers, they would make everything at break even cost.

I think it is naive to believe that a company is for "you". The vast majority do so with intent to profit.

Mind you, sure there are individuals in charge that want to make positive changes for betterment, but in the end, the end goal of any business is to profit and that almost always wins. Every company is comprised by humans, and humans are self preserving creatures collectively and for the most part individually as well.

Tesal1480d ago

Tell everyone at SA - to get a NA account "not eu to be save from a tiny slight increase of costs "like 50~70% increases"

with NA I am using - I no loner pay 60% more to my SA account.

God help us all, I hope no one is Twisting the arms of Sony 'n causing this now days.

btw I live in Saudi Arabia not South Africa, but it is almost the same high costs of retail of some games 'n all digital costs

g-nome1480d ago

Sony should look up the definition for sightly . Anyway I added another year a while ago , the old price was still valid. Grab it now before it is gone.

Silly gameAr1480d ago

Hope this one was at least proof read before it was approved like that The Order article. People are so quick to approve articles like these that they don't read the actual articles.

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