Games of October: New Releases this Month

Hamish McPherson doesn't think it is really fair that October gets a reputation as a spooky month. After all, Halloween isn't until the absolute last day of the month. Before that you get those nice, crisp autumn days and you get to watch lots of NFL football games, safe in the knowledge that it’s too early for your team to be removed from playoff contention (and, of course, you get Canadian Thanksgiving). But the game industry, the movie industry, and every other industry disagrees with me here. October is spooky month, and that’s when the spooky stuff comes out. Here’s a list of the biggest game releases scheduled for October.

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Zichu1480d ago

Evolve comes out next February O.o

Manubiggs1480d ago

this list is outdated, still contains evolve and doesn't include Walking Dead on Xbone, PS4

baneofpigs1480d ago

Right you are - it appears I need to double-check the information provided by Gamepress. In this case they missed this and so did I. The new release date is February 10th.

Juiceid1480d ago

It's just journalism, why be accurate?

DarthJay1480d ago

Lords of the Fallen [October 31st]

It’s 5 long months until we get our hands on Bloodborne, and German developer Deck13 Interactive is saying, “Hey, we see you have some time on your hands, and we see you like games where you are always being killed, so why not get killed by our game until you have something better to do?”

Yeah... I'm sure that's exactly what they are saying...