The Order 1886: Rummaging around in the toy box |Eurogamer Preview

Eurogamer's look at the brief burst of fun available at EGX this year.

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MrDead1480d ago

Hey approvers. Why is it that you approve articles with titles like "The Order: 1886 PS4 Preview - Sony's Soulless Answer to Gears of War", "The Order: 1886 Proves That Visuals Don’t Necessarily Make A Good Game" and "PS4 exclusive ‘The Order: 1886′ already attracting hate: empty, boring, repetitive says internet." within minutes of them being posted, yet you ignore for hours the articles that praise and enjoy the previews or any article that doesn’t rely on flame titles?

You do such a poor job that you even let an article through that had Insomniac as the Orders devs as you where too focused on the flame title and causing a playground like environment in the comment section .

Anyway….. On topic:

I’m looking forward to using the array of weapons that this game has to offer. I like the look of the futuristic guns made with Victorian technology.

MRMagoo1231479d ago

well said imo

I agree about the game also, I really cant wait to see all the weapons, I have been excited about this game since the first trailer.

Ezz20131479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

That's the thing about N4G
the people who love to play the Victims here
always don't waste time telling everyone that how it's unfair that an artice being critcal of their favorite game is being approved way too fast
Because "N4G is Pro Sony" they say

and after they say that
they play the victim card even more
with comments like this :
"Ohh now i'm gonna get down voted to hell and lose all my bubbles"
and they end up with more agrees and even get +bubbles

N4G is full of too many blogs AKA articles that bash sony and it games just as much as any other company and their games
but they choose to ignore that for their own agenda
and all i can do is *smh* at those "i'm Victim" comments

TheWackyMan1479d ago

You are the savior we all deserve.

Ezz20131479d ago

Didn't notice that the first comment was made since that long ago

amazing how this Good preview that praise a Sony Exclusive was here since 14Hours ago and got this long to get get approved ....on this "Pro Sony site" as the so called Victims say here

ThePhantomKnight1479d ago

The pistol sends guy downs with a "blunt and weighty bang". This directly contradicts the other preview wich said the weapons felt soulless and had no weight. Thank god.

u-bEttA-rUn1479d ago

I agree with the first comment this game definitely needs more positive press

gootimes1479d ago

Sounds really fun, looks amazing as well.

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