PS4 & PS Vita TV Win "Good Design" Japanese Award

"The PS4 and PS Vita TV have both been bestowed with the "Good Design" award from the JDPO (Japan Design Promotion Organisation.)"

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Stuart57561478d ago

Surely if it's the winner of the award it should be great/excellent/best, not 'good'.

And the not bad actor oscar goes to.....

Matt Damon

psvitamanfan1478d ago

Haha, that's exactly what I thought! What hell has it got to do to get the "great" award? Fly to the moon?

plmkoh1478d ago

'good' doesn't mean just good in Japanese. They've probably directly translated from the term 'ii mono', which is a tag to describe products that are cream of the crop.

Stuart57561478d ago

Thanks plmkoh, you've clearly thought it through more than myself and actually figured out why it is the way it is instead of (like me) been sarcastic and coming up with silly comments (not doing that now by the way, or now). Thanks (or now).