Destiny: How To Make Best PvP Build Guide and Subclass Stats- Armor, Recovery and Agility Details

What is the best PvP build in regards to your subclass stats? What do armor, recovery and agility actually do for you in the crucible? Just take a look at these stats to see where you should be putting your talents.

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Jubez1871480d ago

I guess they're all pretty trivial, but I'd give the edge to recovery.

I used to think recovery was the worst (before I knew the numbers) just because a gun-fight typically is going to be a one-and-done, so I'd rather have the armor. But I'll probably be switching to recovery now.

Palitera1480d ago

This guy rules on his stats digging. Teached me some important things about the game even in the beta state.

Palitera1480d ago

Just one cent to add: Even agility making difference only for the first jump, it does impact the second jump on the Warlock class, because it will accelerate more in the first jump and the glide will start with more speed.

When I'm farming, I switch to full ability and notice A LOT of difference in the height reached. Warlock here.