Feeding the Flames: Sex in Videogames

Gamezone Writes: "It seems that every few decades, another form of entertainment will come about and become a pariah to the mainstream. Everything from comic books to rock music has been scapegoated for provocative content and heralded by some as the downfall of society. Now, it seems that video games are on the chopping block, at first for violent content with games like Mortal Kombat and Doom being among the favorites for causing violence amongst children and teenagers. Now, the industry is under fire for sexual content, beginning with the infamous Hot Coffee scandal that broke concerning sexual content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It seems that politicians and mainstream media is out for blood yet again to demonize the industry.

While it may seem that the debate about sexual content in video games is a recent development, it is anything but. Sex in video games dates back to the early 80's, with titles like Custer's Revenge for Atari 2600 and Leisure Suit Larry for the PC making quite a stir among early gamers and advocacy groups. Sexualized content in video games has continued it a variety of forms and through myriad games, like Fear Effect, Dead or Alive 4, and Fable."

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JoelR3958d ago

Ah ... the sound of more news sensationalism of a topic that is as old as time.

badz1493958d ago

will not end pretty! the thing is, there are a lot of sex-theme games out there and they have their own dedicated audience and fans! but for me, to blend together sex with any mass market game is just not right! I know some devs tried to expand their creativity to digitalize everything including sex related stuff but they really should have known the group of audiences their game is targeted for! the same applied to games being too bloody violence which becoming more common recently. I'm not saying it's totally wrong but there are devs out there whom intentionally putting all these stuff like sex and violence in thier games just for a cheap publicity and that's not right!!

Dethspyder3958d ago

why don't they make sex in video games illegal, then they can ban it in movies, oh and then porn, yeah sex in porn is wrong

somelikeithot3958d ago

The problem with gaming it that it's the most misunderstood form of media, too many people think we are still playing pac man and mario bros 3 and until that perception changes we wont see full on sex in gaming for a long time. As for whether sex should even be in games is all about context, i believe if the game is adult enough and dealing strong themes then why not, most of us are mature enough to handle it.

JoelR3957d ago

you obviously have never seen sexy beach.... or any of the thousands of other games that have full sex.... It's here but is on the sidelines for now.
The issue is not wether sex should be in games but where it is appropriate to have sex in games and how it really should be regulated. If Games used rating systems similar or the same as movies it would be much easier - harmonized ratings mean more understanding about the content. I still see parents buying GTA and COD etc for their 10 year old.

2 major issues:

1) ratings - harmonized and AGE LINKED so that people know what they mean (tell a parent a M rated game is not for kids and they will say their child is mature enough to play)

2) Distribution - most retailers will refuse to sell games that cross certain boundaries.

SkullBlade3957d ago

Games are games.

Trying to censor things is for noobs like Jack Thompson. (And as we all know, it didn't do him any good trying to fight the gaming world)