Unreal Engine 4 Free For Oculus Development Kit Owners?

Hardcore Gamer: A banner on the Unreal Engine site formerly linked to a promotion giving Unreal Engine 4 for free.

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ValKilmer2617d ago

Well, I know what I'm buying for Halloween.

LogicLee2617d ago

Sadly, I can't celebrate Halloween. The whole lights off/megan's law thing, but this is really cool.

WeAreLegion2617d ago

What happened? Wrongfully accused? And you can still celebrate, bro! Just have friends over for a movie night.

mixelon2617d ago

Why would you even volunteer that information? @[email protected]

People don't assume the best when it comes to such things.

ABizzel12617d ago


I'd planned on buying Oculus any way, might as well get Free game Engine with it.

ABBAJESUS2617d ago

Meh, I just want final product. Not these dev kits which will be forgotten by time.