The Making of Resistance 2 will be featured in Qore's Next Episode.

All you R2 fans out there, get ready for Qore Episode 2. It will be featuring a making of video of Resistance 2.

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will113772d ago

I will be buying this episode of Qore. Press agree if you will too.

sonarus3772d ago

Already subscribed. The first episode was absolute trash and a waste of money. My advise is to make the core content free and reduce the price. Those who pay however can get access to betas and demos. I am probably more interested in naruto demo than R2 making to be honest...i love demos:D

DrWan3772d ago

make content free and reduce price? how is that viable as a business plan. Sony has to recoup somehow, online is still free and absolutely nothing has changed since Qore started that I am aware of. We still get demos every thursday. I say just let sony do whatever they want with is a "magazine" after all. If u don't like it, it's ok to not buy it, but obviously u opted in for beta and calling all cars, so i hope you will enjoy the next 12 episodes. It should be good.

INehalemEXI3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I sprung for annual on the first episode. The service is worth 25 bucks IMO. As time goes on the deal will only prove sweeter. NUNS Demo.

I wish we could of got a psn game of our choice though cause I already had calling all cars.

SUP3R3772d ago

Crap now I have to buy the next ep.
I needs to have that Naruto demo.

G1TR4P3D3772d ago

Naruto is for dumb, little, asian boys.

and u can always just wait for someone to torrent the making-of video.

ice_prophecy3772d ago

You need to curb your arrogance.

Lets be nice shall we?

cglz63772d ago

thanks for your approval guys. Keep supporting!

kingOVsticks3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I'll see this in youtube but I want those damn demos what Im afraid is because of Qour they'll hold back on all the good demos or will just won't ever get them.Dammnit I might have to subscribe sooner or later>_>

Mutley4163772d ago

I`m not doing it...I`ve learned to I bought a Ps3 waited 44 hours for that- I`ll wait for Demo`s and Games + I can log into it from my Friends PSN...just get there Sign in Data and Bang you got it for free- That`s where a Clan pays off...It`s the Hacking demo`s and support group of friends-
Need a downloaded game....One of your Long list of buddies has it-

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