New DriveClub videos show the beautiful tracks in Chile and Norway

You can check out two brand new videos showing the tracks of Chile and Norway from DriveClub below

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MaximusPrime_1506d ago

.... I ... Can't...bear it

Just a week left.... Aaaarrrggghhh

bazinga_911506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Can't wait. Looks fun. :]

Remy_Chaos1506d ago

Simply beautiful and gameplay looks solid, despite the player crashing in places!

Ninjatogo1506d ago

Replying to your question on Forza Horizon 2 anti-aliasing above. (n4g won't allow for a long chain of replies)
I don't know much of what went on behind the scenes when they developed this game, but my guess for why they used it is because it's a standard feature for games these days and 4xMSAA is generally pretty good quality. As for the question of how they used it, again I'm not sure of the specifics but they probably just had quite a bit of memory and processing power to spare (especially since it is a cross-gen game) and could afford to spend it on better AA.

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