Limited Edition The Evil Within PS4 to Be Released in Japan in White and Black Bundles

Zenimax Asia announced today with a press release that The Evil Within (titled Psychobreak locally) will get two limited edition PS4 bundles in Japan.

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Majin-vegeta1504d ago

Oh come on.Japan gets all teh good PS4 editions :(.

I is sad panda

ScubaSteve11504d ago

Do you have long distance? If your ps4 dies you gotta call japan. Imagine the phone bill

MrSwankSinatra1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

The white one looks way better than the black one. Though I think they should have made a red console for this game. Would've been awesome to see that.

bazinga_911504d ago

They should have made a red one for Driveclub too. :(

Blackleg-sanji1504d ago

Bloodbourne should get a red one the most

Kingdomcome2471504d ago

Lol. I agree, but that made me laugh.

MrSwankSinatra1504d ago

Now that you mention it, that definitely sounds like a better idea.

Remy_Chaos1504d ago

If that happened I would buy another PS4 simply for collection reasons.

Blackleg-sanji1504d ago

O come on sony we Americans and Europeans like console bundles and variations too!!! Heck where most of the install base

ScorpiusX1504d ago

Not a fan of the console but they are lame when comes to cool look consoles bundles . No kind of out there box creativity .

Kratosthegr81504d ago

Lol @ castillo... we know you're not a fan...i can also say the same about the hippies from the 60's who designed the xbox one. But we all know you're a troll.

ScorpiusX1503d ago

Call me whatever name you care to use but I stand by my comment theirs console edition are lame.
As for my hippie designers they are awesome and at lest it doesn't have slanted front.

@ger I have all the games out and prepaid all those that remain to come out this year, so yes I do have games to play. I decide to take a break an Vist a few sites.

ger23961503d ago

No homie, your the one that's lame. Don't you any good games to play on your console?