12 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your PS4

WC: This list takes a look at 12 things you probably didn’t know you could do with your PlayStation 4. From hidden away options to neat tips that will greatly improve your user experience, each of these entries will help you get the most out of your console.

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ReBurn1480d ago

More like 12 things that everyone who owns a PS4 already knows if they read the manual.

PaleMoonDeath1480d ago

Manuals? pfft, how very 90's.

Kingthrash3601480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

He didn't even state real things people may not know how to put a YouTube app on the ps4 or playing online browser free games..smh amateurs.. Double tapping the home button to go directly back into you last app ...streaming mp4 videos...I can go on ... syncing it with your Sony TV ( turn on your ps4 your TV will come on...turn your TV off it turns the ps4 off if nothing is running) playing certain online games without PS+. Smh

BX811480d ago

You should write article. Lol

brads41479d ago

You should always read the manual.

guitarded771479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I know what I can't do... make my own custom playlists for in game music. Wish Sony would get on it. Drive Club is on the way, and I like having my racing set list.

EDIT: OMG this list is crap. Everyone who owns a PS4 knows this stuff already. Don't waste your time clicking through 12 pages of stuff you already know.

windblowsagain1479d ago


Did you mean this.

Into browser of your PS4:)

zeee1479d ago

I didn't read the manual. Seriously, I never touched that thing but I know all of those features. Still, I can imagine there are plenty of gamers out there who didn't know some of these features if not all.

DragonKnight1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

In the interest of sparing people from reading things that everyone already knows.

12. Log in with Facial recognition (knew that from day one)

11. Easily take screenshots (you mean no one knew about Sony's most discussed feature?)

10. Charge your controller from standby mode (really?... really? ugh)

9. Manage your data (*facepalm*)

8. Switch between applications with ease (is it just me, or does it seem like the author just unboxed his PS4?)

7. Play PS4 games on your Vita (WHO DOESN'T KNOW THIS?)

6. Find out how rare your achievements are. (You mean by doing what everyone does and look at their own trophy list? Wow, I never knew that. /s)

5. Save Power [Meaning set a power down time] (Yeah, this existed in the PS3)

4. Control the console with your voice (read answer to login with face recognition)

3. Use more than just the official headset (

2. Backup Your Data (maybe I should have used that last video for this comment instead)

1. Type with Dualshock 4 Gyro. (Umm, the text box actually TELLS you this.)

I seriously think that the person who wrote this video has been living in the Tibetan mountains and just came down recently, purchased a PS4, and unboxed it for the article.

BG115791479d ago

If you have a smart-tv that can use simplink, you can use the TV's remote to turn on/off the PS4 and navigate in the menu.

lfc_4eva1479d ago

Very true.

Most young people lost the skills to read in the 90's.

jrshankill1479d ago

Stopped at "9. Manage Your Data".

If I couldn't manage my data on a console, I think I would have a problem.

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UltraNova1479d ago

@^^ The dude in the box. Dont worry though he got evicted for good.

killer4fun531479d ago

@bdub brother of marvel I guess

bouzebbal1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

i heard it is possible to go to standby mode with the game still running so you can start off exactly where you stopped, a bit like Vita and PSP. Can anyone confirm and tell me how to do that?

Helpful bubble awaits :)

Th4Freak1480d ago

Not true, that would be the Suspend/Resume mode that they promised on launch and according to Yoshida "it's still in development"...

MagUk1480d ago

No i think its just on the x1 at the moment.

Oschino19071480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

You can suspend a game while you use other media like movies, music, Netflix, etc... And you will be right where you left off.

But otherwise the full feature of suspend/resume isn't out yet. Don't recall it ever being promised on launch though.

MagUk1480d ago


I was replying to abzdiine about it being available at this present time. No dobut the ps4 will have this facility soon.

bouzebbal1480d ago

thanks guys, helpful bubble for you all :)
i really thought it was possible to do it. i hope they bring this feature soon.

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Bhuahahaha1480d ago

when i bought mine i go straight to room throw my shoes away,unboxed ps4 plug the cord and connect at tv

i recall ive read the manual a week later lol

badz1491480d ago

manual, LOL!

bunch of noobs!

Kidmyst1480d ago

I didn't even read the manual and found how to do all of these just using it and messing with it.

Kemo_Spear1479d ago

*sung to the tune of TV's Star Trek*

Click bait
This article is nothing but click bait.

Orionsangel1479d ago

Manual? Haha! Part of the fun is figuring things out for yourself.

cj1pate1011479d ago

Yet you still can't multitask worth shit when PC has been for years.

Muzikguy1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Lol! I always throw my manuals away... Or put them up. I don't ever read those things. As for the list, I'm not even going to read it. I saw the first one about facial recognition and stopped. Yes, I knew we could do that. Sites that split everything up though I don't like

Not to mention how does a site like this think it knows more than the PS community does?! <banhammer>

bennissimo1479d ago

LOL "Things I didn't know I could do with my PS4."

Play games? Because the only game that's ever kept my attention on the console so far has been Transistor.

Rachel_Alucard1479d ago

More like click each page to give free hits to a site that tells you captain obvious levels of information.

iNFAMOUZ11479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

i havent read a manual since 1995 or alot earlier lol

saadd201479d ago

agreed hundred percent..nothing I did not know from before..and we are just giving it hits for no reason..rather go to the official site, they may have 12 things we actually did not know before!

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Th4Freak1480d ago

* Type With The Dualshock 4 Gyro
* Backup Your Data
* Use More Than Just The Official Headset
* Control The Console With Your Voice
* Find Out How Rare Your Achievements Are
* Play PS4 Games On Your Vita
* Manage Your Data
* Charge Your Controller From Standby Mode

What a joke of article, seriously...

Mega241480d ago

Whatculture just wants clicks, everyone knows about this.

TriangleOffense1480d ago

12 things on 12 pages = close link

Spenok1480d ago

Yeah this article was terrible. Not a single thing that hasn't been known since week one or two.

kopite961480d ago

this article is nothing but p**s.

after nearly 12 months i think most people would know about these features, if they didnt what the hell have they being doing with there ps4

f**ck this article in its stupid a**e

Knushwood Butt1479d ago

So true.

Pretty much the only one that was relatively new to me, was typing with the DS4 gyro. Stumbled onto it by chance after wondering what the icon was. Works pretty well, and now I use it whenever I type.

Muzikguy1479d ago

That's the list?! Wow... Wtf. Glad I didn't read them. One per page is pathetic too and tells everyone "RUN AWAY!" anyway lol

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qwerty6761480d ago

really why couldnt they just list all 12 on one or two pages?

god i hate sites that do this.

mushroomwig1480d ago

More clicks equals more revenue, which is literally the only reason this article exists since it doesn't contain anything people don't already know. Sigh.

Psygnosis3331480d ago

They want cliks :P for avery view on theres site thay got more comercials thats why thay have constantly to make this stupid staff top '10 best caracters in video games'top this that lol AND SEPARATED.. I even herd that some sites paid someone to cklik-open that adress constantly lol
100 people X 10 clik this tipe of artikle thats 1000 cliks :\
I dont know how to explain i admit :P

Darth Gamer1480d ago

So, I have a pair of X07's Headset for my XBOXONE. This says any headset will work with the PS4. Can anyone confirm if I can use these WITH THE MIC for my PS4. I have never tried and I'm at work.

fei-hung1480d ago

If it has an audio jack you can connect into the pad you can.

I've used a whole bunch of non gaming headsets that have a mic built in and they work fine.

Darth Gamer1480d ago

Actually, the more I think about it, the headset will more than likely work BUT, the mic probably will not due to the fact that the XBOXONE needs an adapter plugged into your controller. This adapter then controls all of the volume for both the headset and the mic including turning on chat If I remember. Anyways, I will try it when I get home. Thank you for the reply though. :)

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