Kamiya again comments on Bayonetta 2’s initially troubled fate and how Nintendo saved the game

NE: "Last week on Twitter, Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya commented further on the development of Bayonetta 2. As has been said before, the game was in a very troubled state before Nintendo stepped in."

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FsterThnFTL1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Should have gone to Kickstarter instead and released the game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 & WiiU. Bayonetta series should be enjoyed by as many gamers as possible, on whatever platform they prefer.

Big_Game_Hunters1506d ago

you can say that about any exclusive. Lets just kick start the next ND game and the next 343 game so everyone can enjoy it!! you really think kick starter could give them what Nintendo is providing them?

FsterThnFTL1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Yes, maybe even more. Bayonetta was a universally loved multiplatform game and I am sure they would have had no trouble funding the sequel and then sell it to millions of gamers across multiple platforms and make even more money. This how you build a franchise up. The approach they took was detrimental to the long term success of the franchise. It will sell plenty of WiiU consoles but that is not what Bayonetta series should be about.

ChickeyCantor1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

"Yes, maybe even more. "

No. Nintendo gave them a full funding and even probably allowed them a budget for polish if needed. A kick starter can only do so much before you have to reinstate a new kick starter asking for more money. That's not a stable solution.

Also PG is not a small group of people, they'd have to ask a lot from KS supporters.

ABizzel11506d ago


However, most current exclusives weren't multiplatform games on 2 completely different consoles. Bayonetta was.

I understand both sides.

Bayonetta 1 might not have sold extremely well, but nearly 2m isn't awful (and it should have been over 2m by now). Bayonetta is a great game, but not enough to get most people to buy a second console to play it, and for many of those 2m gamers who bought it, they felt they got shafted out of the franchise.

On the flip side I see Kamiya as a creator and wanting to get his work published, and Nintendo was there to help when the other publishers wouldn't.

But it goes to show that sales prediction and good decision making isn't a strong suit for many of these developers. Selling 2m copies of a game shouldn't be a failure in any way, and these developers need to learn to budget properly and tamper their expectations. It's always better to sell more than you anticipated, than it is to expect more then sell less. Bayonetta has some of the best gameplay for the genre, but it's out there and that's a turn off to some people.

A quick way to end this is to simply say what publishers they went to, and get this constant harassment off their back and Nintendo's. Thankfully I don't have to deal with any of it, because I have a Wii U and I will be playing Bayonetta 2.

Concertoine1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


You realize if this game received in excess of the budget Nintendo has already provided for it, it'd be by far the most expensive thing EVER funded on kickstarter. Besides Kamiya hates kickstarter, even called Infanune a "businessman, not a game developer" for using it. It seemed dickish back then, but now MN9 has had a totally second kickstarter for a tv show and im inclined to agree.

This is it, theyve said they went to multiple publishers, NO ONE would take it, then Nintendo did. There is literally no way this game could end up with an appropriate budget on a console, were it not for Nintendo.

Well said

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Big_Game_Hunters1506d ago

The first game didn't sell as well as it needed to. So if they went with crowd funding what makes you think the funding would even be enough to make a game on par with Bayonetta let alone Bayo2 which looks even crazier. I don't think Nitnendo will make their money back with Bayonetta 2, but at least they are giving platinum everything they need.

your logic is flawed, crowd funding is based on demand. Bayo 1 has proven that there isn't enough Demand to pay for a second Bayonetta that would be on the same level, let alone offer more.

benji1011506d ago

The kickstarter idea is not really practical. Major games need publishers to print disks and distributors. It is not just a case of raising money for development. Who pays for the advertising?
Who pays for the licenses?
Who pays for the disks to be manufactured?
Who pays for the distribution?

But sure all the kick starters are in shops.. . you can buy all of them physically... Oh wait no you can't.

Even indie music has to sign to a distributor, if they want to have a physical copy.

Go all digital you say... that really is not that practical yet.

What's more. Kickstarters want to beg for money to set up their business they dont want to have to keep going back to the site to beg again for more money for their next project.

But whatever.

mydyingparadiselost1506d ago

I could say the same for numerous projects that have released on various platforms, but that's just unrealistic. The amount of money needed for development, a physical release (I would hope), advertisement, ports to all the consoles and PC would have been a daunting task to fulfill on kickstarter. Even small games, with pixel art on 2D planes, get close to or go over the million mark when various platforms and extra modes, which this game has, are involved.

Also there could be legal complications with whatever contract there was with Sega and P* that could stop something like that from happening. The game had already been in development and there could have been problems with bringing something like this to kickstarter.

Honestly, we should all be happy this sequel is happening at all. This is a success story for P* and fans of Bayo. This game was pulled from certain death by Nintendo and fans, whether they own a WiiU or not, should be grateful this is getting made. If I didn't already own a U I would buy one just for this game, it's that worth it to me to get to play this game and support Platinum. I know lots of people don't have the luxury to just go buy a system, I know I don't, but at least the option is out there at all and I'm damn glad it is.

VenturaDres1506d ago

This is one of my favorite comments. I don't understand why gamers don't celebrate every success like this! If you like a franchise, you should be happy it's seeing a release. That's a better chance for survival then not having a sequel.

Sitting on a specific "team" regarding the consoles is about as silly a thing you can do. Instead of hating that a game is releasing exclusively, be happy that people thought there was enough value in the franchise to keep it alive.

breakpad1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

these are just simple idiotic excuses from Kamiya ...Nintendo just threw a large amount of money to developers and stole it from the other consoles s a common practice for ninty when they see a successful japanese IP to grab (stealing ) it for exclusive ..but always it ends for a semi failure for the developers although they are excellent in quality games (Resi 1, 0 remake, Monster Hunter 3 tri, Bayonetta 2 etcetc

IonDestroy1506d ago

I don't think it's "stealing" when Kamiya went to various publishers and got rejected several times before Nintendo offered to fund the project...

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

These aren't excuses, they're facts.
Stay salty.

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Damn it, Faster, quit supporting the people who are being so salty and support the game on the Wii U!
Only console war soldier retards dismiss a game or port beg just because of the system it's on.
A refurbished Wii U costs $199, it's NOT that hard to save up for unless you're literally dead broke after bills every single month with not a single dollar to save between.
Quit smoking, cut back on junk food, recycle cans, do something to earn that extra dough to afford the game!
There's absolutely no logic behind hating the Wii U so much that you'd dismiss Bayonetta 2 entirely because of it, let alone encourage others to do so by bringing up the same tired whining act about how "it should have been multiplat".

It came in the form it was MEANT to come in, because no one else wanted to publish it.

And given the sales of the first game, it's obvious that KICKSTARTER WOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN THEM THE BUDGET THEY WANTED FOR THIS GAME.
Certainly nowhere near the budget needed to pack in a remastered version of the first game.

Plus, without Nintendo's involvement, that awesome Star Fox easter egg wouldn't be a thing, which would be a crying shame.

Whiners need to suck it up and accept that fact instead of railing against a game due to the system it's on.
It's pathetic to value any console more than games themselves.

Baccra171506d ago

What everyone seems to forget is that the game sold what it did due to the PS3 version getting the half-assed short end of the stick. Had they gave PS3 the version it deserved it would have sold and done much better than it did.

If anything Nintendo coming in is nothing to praise or defend. What Nintendo did was no better than what a Senator does when their son does something criminal- swoop in and make it go away by using their money and influence. PG learns nothing from what has happened.

MSBAUSTX1505d ago

Just go buy a mario kart wii U bundle with Nintendo land included and buy Bayonetta 2 bro. For less than the price of a PS4, without a single game, you will have a Brand New Wii U with three games and it works with all of your Wii peripherals and games as well. How many of those PS3 games are you playing on your PS4 at the moment?

Nintendo did what everyone said they should do and go out and get Third Party games to their system to sell systems. In this case they published it too. Now that they have done that you are going to talk bad about them? Hypocrites.

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HaveSumNuts1506d ago

Played Bayonetta on the 360 absolutely loved the combat and personality of the game. I was eagerly waiting for the second one only to find out it was an exclusive for a console I had no interest in. I'll miss out on an awesome game sure but some people like myself that live in crappy countries aren't in the best financial position to buy all consoles.

R00bot1506d ago

He shouldn't have to keep clarifying this, fans need to learn how to Google before they ask.

ABizzel11506d ago

I think it's more so people are trying to point out the JP sales and give him an I told you so, than it is people not knowing it's a Wii U exclusive. At this point everyone should know it's an exclusive.

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

It's kinda sad that that "I told you so" is based on two days of Japanese sales.
Considering that fact on top of the fact that Platinum's games always sell better overseas, all this gloating by haters doesn't make much sense.

randomass1711506d ago

"I told you so" based on Japanese sales is a moot point. The game didn't sell well on PS3/360 either and the sequel would not exist without Nintendo. It's a done deal and the fans need to move on.

jay21506d ago

Should have left it because sales with be sh*t.

DeusEx-Machina1506d ago

He doesn't have to care about sales. That's Nintendo's problem. All he needs to care about, is that Bayo2 is a top notch game and of high quality, so that the fans that appreciate the effort can truly enjoy it.

mydyingparadiselost1506d ago

If sales were the sole end all, be all of games then I wouldn't have anything to play. Games like the original Bayo, Vanquish, Okami, Nier, The World Ends With You, Folklore, Mirrors Edge, Dragons Crown, Binary Domain, Shadows of the Damned, No More Heroes, XCom, Deadly Premonition, and SO MANY OTHERS would never be made. We would all just be left with only the biggest AAA games, focus tested to hell and devoid of originality and soul.

Without these kinds of games I wouldn't play games. There just wouldn't be enough to keep me entertained.

Blues Cowboy1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

@mydyingparadiselost: I think I may have just fallen in love with your comment. I'd kinda like to take it out to dinner. Maybe a movie.

But yes, awesome innovative quality titles don't sell as well as Modern Battle Madden Fighter, yet developers like Platinum just put out great games because they can make a modest return and stay in the business of creating wonderful things for us to play.

The alternative, jay2, is Bayonetta 2 would never have been made. Never. Is that what you want?

Realplaya1506d ago

People should just stop it. Here is a perspective. If this game should have went Multi Platform then Every Multi Platform game should go to the Wii U or not come out at all. That's not going to happen and Wii U fans have to deal with it so the same goes for this game.

marloc_x1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

And certainly the delay of a multi-platform Bayonetta 2 on Wii U would make perfect sense to the same people who are put out about Nintendo making this game possible..

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago

Third party games skip wii u all the time, and no one from the other consoles bats an eye over it.
But now that the shoes on the other foot, and a game they want is coming to a system they don't own....
Karma is a b*¥%*. They should stop whining and start supporting Bay 2 by getting a Wii U for it.
Just like they keep hypocritically telling Wii U owners to do for third party multiplats.

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