IGN: PAIN Problem; Today's update is locking out online.

Greg Miller: "This afternoon, Sony updated the PlayStation Network with a wealth of trailers, demos, games, and content, but it would appear that the latest PAIN patch is messing up the game's online options.

After we downloaded the update -- which adds the ability to play music from your hard drive during the game, gives you a few new layouts for downtown, and more -- we started PAIN and were presented with an error.

"A network error has occurred, you must restart PAIN and reconnect to access any online content," the message stated.

We restarted several times and kept getting the error. Even with the error message, you can still play the game, but the store and any other online functionality are locked to you. Other IGN users are reporting the problem on our message boards, and a Sony rep said the company is investigating the problem.

We'll keep you updated.

UPDATE (5:15 p.m.): "We are aware that some users are receiving a network error message and are working to rectify this as soon as possible," a Sony rep said. "We expect this situation to be resolved withing the next 12 hours.""

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