COD:AW pre-orders declining could be a good thing

GGG writes about why the news of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare having substantial less pre-ordes than its predecessors could be a good sign for where the industry is moving, at least for fans.

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Travis37081476d ago

once people found out what the CO-OP mode was, they canceled pre-orders lol. Me and many other's freaking hate Survival mode! ik I was looking for something better.

Heisenburger1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

While I liked what I saw of the multiplayer, after the co-op reveal all of the momentum they had built up with me dwindled.

Part of what makes the Treyarch package so appealing, and worth the sixty dollars, is you are getting three entirely different tiers with their games.

This, just is not good enough for me.

Heisenburger1476d ago

Who DARES to give me a disagree?!?!



SteamPowered1476d ago

Good luck chasing those Stealth Disagrees. ;) Few people want a mature discussion about different views. Much easier to click and move on.

Heisenburger1476d ago


NO! I demand answers. I will not be disrespected by someone saying they disagree with something I have said.


MuhammadJA1476d ago

At least Aliens blows away the bland survival mode.

hello121476d ago

Its hard to know with pre-orders is this just pre-orders at a retail store?

You can pre-order on PS4 and x box 1 have they been given the data to confirm pre-orders are down everywhere?

ceedubya91476d ago

I completely passed on Ghosts. I'll definitely be giving AW a go though. I have bothered preordering yet though, as there really hasn't been much of a reason to.

SteamPowered1476d ago

I think gamers are hesitant due to issues like Resolutiongate as well as all the delays we have seen this year. Personally, I wouldnt pre-order a game, seems like too much of a gamble. I can patiently wait for the midnight prior and DL it.

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The story is too old to be commented.