Why The Order: 1886 Is More Intriguing Than Uncharted 4

Everyone knows Uncharted 4 will be amazing. They also know exactly what to expect. It's the unknown in The Order: 1886 that makes it appealing.

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ATi_Elite1478d ago

Why the order 1866 is more intriguing than Almighty Uncharted 4 says Noone EVER

CloudRap1478d ago

Yeah had it had Multiplayer Sony would've potentially had their answer to Gears but nope, a super linear campaign and thats it. If thats worth $60 to you then by all means get it but its not for me so Ill wait for the inevitable sequel with MP.

Darkwatchman1478d ago

You care that much about multiplayer? *facepalm*

Blackleg-sanji1478d ago

How do you know the campaign is linear (I dont kno either we havent played the full game)

Why does every single game need multiplayer now

CloudRap1478d ago

Normally no, but this type of game demands it. Simply put it adds longevity to the game, and in this day and age people want more content for their money (look at Titanfall and Destiny's complaints).

pixelsword1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

Oh, do please hype yet another new IP before it's released; we know doing so has such a great record with the general gaming audience, like Watch Dogs and Destiny did.

tlougotg1478d ago

Uncharted been wiped the floor with gears lol tons more awards, as a matter of fact the most awards in gaming history :)

ABizzel11478d ago

I could care less about multiplayer, but a separate co-op mode would have been nice.

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gamer4lifeyo1478d ago

The game has all the elements to make a great game. Hopefully RAD delivers a stellar experience. At the moment, I'm definitely interested in the game. Uncharted is a definite buy for me tho, I can't wait for both these titles!

Artista 1478d ago

1886 is a new game so of coarse it would be more intriguing. We don't really know what to expect from the overall game. Whereas, with drake you can't go wrong if you liked the previous 3-4 titles.

DarkOcelet1478d ago

All i care about it that they both come from a talented people who will make sure their games are excellent and i am 100% sure that The Order 1886 is gonna be really awesome and that hate for it because some people still dont believe such graphics can be achieved and the game can still be great .

PaleMoonDeath1478d ago

New IP against a heavy hitter like UC4, doesn't add up as you'd expect, although the whole Werewolf/London setting is very interesting, The Order has a bunch to prove before it gets anywhere near as intriguing as a next gen Uncharted game is.

medman1478d ago

The story and lore of The Order is what intrigues me most, but I can safely say I'm anticipating Uncharted 4 much more due to Naughty Dogs stellar history of producing games I have come to love...The Order may be great, or it could disappoint, Uncharted is almost guaranteed to be a goty contender and knowing Naughty Dog people may end up saying it's their best creation to date...they seem to know how to keep topping themselves with each new release they bring to market.

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The story is too old to be commented.