Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia – Playseat – Forza Horizon 2 – First Impressions

"This is a follow up to my unboxing of the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition. Today I will give a first impression of my entire setup. This includes a quick overview of the Playseat, the TX Ferrari 458 Italia wheel and my initial impressions with Forza Horizon 2." - RetroGameFix

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Foehammer1503d ago

I really like the TX wheel.

I thought it used Kinect for centring? I don't see a Kinect in this set-up.

Mine centres perfectly

n1kki61503d ago

Ive read a couple sites that note the wheel will end up upside down until the racing game starts. This is what mine does. Do you have the latest firmware installed. I did just reach out to thrustmaster for clarification.

Foehammer1502d ago

I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that it updates automatically since it's on the X1.

I always plug the USB in after I start Forza.

n1kki61502d ago

With this wheel you actually have to update the firmware on your PC. Thrust master has the software for updating on there support site. It opens up some more functionality for settings. The update was posted late July

Foehammer1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Thank you for explaining that.

I'll give it a try.


n1kki61502d ago

I just heard back from thrustmaster after plugging in it's ok if it doesn't calibrate center as long as when I boot it centers. With both forza's once I boot the game it centers.

n1kki61503d ago

Kinect not setup but still drives straight and correct. If I boot with the wheel it calibrates to the same spot every time, but if I hit a button, it will move itself center, it's kind of strange. I might contact thrustmaster out for peace of mind.