'Don't make a movie game': Shadow of Mordor dev talks about Warner Bros' approach to licensed games

The success of the Arkham Batman games gave Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment the confidence to expand its video game licenses into more than just "movie" games, according to Shadow of Mordor lead designer, Bob Roberts.

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camel_toad1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Glad to see it's paid off for both Rocksteady and now Monolith. Hopefully other devs and publishers in the same licensed-games field will take note.

ironfist921480d ago

But...Lord of the Rings is a book...

Regardless, this is how developers/publishes should approach licensed games. Time and Money well spent crafting a unique experience, which seperates itself from the confines of the film/books narrative.

--bienio--1480d ago

I hope they will do a sequel 😉 10/10