Forza Horizon 2 Game-Freezing Bug Appears; Forces Users to Hard Reboot the Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 is a great game, but it’s also an open world game, and open world games tend to have glitches due to the enormous amount of variables involved. This time around the problem seems to originate from a conflict between the game’s features with the way the Xbox One works.

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Kingthrash3601480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Grabs popcorn.......thinks about it ...makes waffles instead.
Not really popcorn news....but its waffle worthy

On topic that's bad news, I hear forza horizon is a very fun game and has to be a pain to reboot from time to time. I'm sure they will patch it quick....if they don't patch it quick I may have to pull the popcorn out.

Gaming247allday1480d ago

i have just had this glitch happen to me, it seems patchable because it is just a resource management issue, nothing game breaking although it is frustrating, great game though and it shouldn't be knocked for this

BX811480d ago

Chicken and waffles?

BX811480d ago

Hells yeah with some oj. Great now I gotta go to Waffle House.

MeliMel1480d ago

I like your pic it goes with your way of thinking.

3-4-51480d ago

Been playing all day, haven't had this happen once yet.

Best driving game I've ever played, though in case anybody cares.

I would suggest getting it even if your not into driving games.

Just let my brother play for an hour and he loves it, and isn't really into driving games.

So much to do.

badboyz091480d ago

As a PS4 fan this is not news. All games have glitches, That later get patched.

3-4-51479d ago

Anytime PS4 Fanboy's get a chance they will jump on something like this.

Anytime XB1 fanboy's can, they jump on something like this.

* It's like the worst reps for each side just can't accept that both consoles are awesome, and there are a ton of good games to play.

That + Wii U is awesome as well.

It's like people think they are actually "on the team" or something....

Kingthrash3601479d ago calling me a fanboy...why. My comment in no way is a fanboy comment. I said a joke about waffles and popcorn...I also expressed my concern over a glitch on a great game. I gave the game props saying I hear its a great game....never did I mention ps4, or say anything negative about the x1...I didn't nor do I ever say xbone or m$....I don't care to. Smh so please read my comments with goggles off. Yes I might joke every now and then but I'm no fanboy or troll.

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urwifeminder1480d ago

So much content and variables minor glitches are a given pick it up in the morning , am sure they will be patching any issues rather fast.

GodGinrai1480d ago

"am sure they will be patching any issues rather fast."

I have no doubt in how quickly this will be resolved. MS are good with stuff like this. In the is another pic of FH2, to enjoy.




Allsystemgamer1480d ago

Such a good looking game. But me an X1 and I'll play with you :D

GodGinrai1480d ago


If only I could! :)..but hey, if you ever get one and need a co op buddy to familiarize you with XBL, just lemme know! Ill be playing halo with septic, and a few other N4G, guys, when it comes out (look out for him on N4G. good dude, A REAL gamer! but Im not sure if he will be able to keep up on forza..I kid, I kid!)..Jump in! the 1080P thing wont bother you that much, I promise! :)

n4gamingm1480d ago

Yep having that problem right know. Hopefully it gets fixed later today.

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