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Mr. Kennedy of The Koalition writes:

It is that time of the season again. New signings have started to settle into their respective teams, we begin to see who could be fighting for the title and who could be trying to stave off relegation. It is also the time of the season when we are served EA Sports’ latest offering in the FIFA series.

It is an exciting time of the year for FIFA fans. After playing the previous title for the past 12 months, FIFA fans are typically desperate to get their hands on the newest entry. Does FIFA 15 warrant that excitement and anticipation? Quite frankly, no. It doesn’t.

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Profexxion1504d ago

Wish it had a "gimme half my money back, jack" glitch.

SwiffEpics1504d ago

This is a great review about a game with glitches and gimped goalkeepers

Thefreeman0121504d ago

idk why everyone is bi*chin about the keepers... they arent brick walls and the human element shows... I enjoy the more realistic keeprs

pompombrum1504d ago

They aren't realistic though, they are either super good or super bad.. sometimes they pull off the most insanely unrealistic saves yet others they'll literally just watch the ball go in.

Thefreeman0121503d ago

@aiBreeze im pretty sure i can find a video of real keepers watching easy ones go in. maybe the Keeper AI isn't great but it is a lot better than what it was before.

Romudeth1504d ago

Well, it's soccer. Not much to expect here.

Profexxion1504d ago

You shut your foul mouth right up

Transporter471504d ago

It is called futbol not soccer.

Jughead34161504d ago

Sorry, but I'm having a tough time believing that this game is a 54/100. It may have its flaws, but its not THAT bad. C'mom

ginsunuva1504d ago

Depends what kind of scale you're looking at. In America, things use the elementary-school grading where 90%+ is good and everything else sucks.
Everywhere else uses 50%=average and it's up or down from that point.

toddybad1504d ago

It's the worst fifa in many, many years.I could add quite a few other moans to rise listed. Personally think 54% is fairly generous. I won't ever be buying fifa again.

Speak_da_Truth1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Thank you!!! One review which actually tells the truth. This game sucks and I hate myself for buying this POS game and tomorrow I'll take it back to Gamestop for something else. H2H seasons is so horible I'd rather play against the CPU there's NO I mean NO midfield in this game you might as well have no one in Mid field position. I can't wait for tomorrow.Heres how each game you play online goes L1+Triangle+Circle=Goal Rinse and repeat.

voodoochild3461504d ago

That's demo I've played. I want to play this magical demo everyone else has where it's ultra realistic. The game seems to fight me when I try to play with realistic buildup through the Midfield the game seems to try to force me to spam through balls.

I just watched Psg and Barcelona go at it earlier today and how did those teams score 5 times? Do you think it was by taking turns lobbing the ball over the top? No it was by using their very good midfielders and fullbacks and building from the back. That's how the best of the best win. With their Midfield and with proper build up.

Fifa seems to think stacked world class teams play the same as pub teams do. Ridiculous...

iistuii1504d ago

Your right, but also don't forget the Barca keeper made 2 howlers in that game which if happened in Fifa everyone would be screaming & moaning, like I was at him last night. It happens, that's why they put it in the game...

voodoochild3461503d ago


When did either of us bring up the goal keeping? We talked about the nonexistent midfield and build up play in Fifa which are fundamental aspects to a supposed "football sim". This isn't '99.

Since you brought up the goal keeping, notice HOW the Barca keeper made an error in the second scored goal by Psg? He incorrectly came for a ball that he couldn't get to and that left the goal open. He didn't stand idly by and let a soft roller through on one possession and look like 2005 Petr Cech the next. That's why people complain about the keeping. It's completely unrealistic.

Fifa 15 is fine for people like yourself who don't know the ins and outs of the game(aka the majority of the population), but for purists like me who want a better representation of what we see every weekend Fifa is unacceptable this year.

iistuii1503d ago

"Fifa 15 is fine for people like yourself who don't know the ins and outs of the game(aka the majority of the population), but for purists like me" ...HAHAHA what a dick. Maybe you should get a job at EA & show them how its done, or maybe on the match of the day panel as your such a purist..Fool

voodoochild3461503d ago


I notice you have no rebuttal to anything I've said. You're a casual player. While there's nothing wrong with that, you can't try to brush away the valid criticisms people have with the game if you don't know what you're talking about. And your "let's see if you can do better" attitude shows how much of a Fifa fanboy you are.

iistuii1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

Again your ignorance & arrogance comes through. You know nothing about me. I have been playing PES & before that ISS long before i purchased a Fifa game. I go to the Camp Nou many times a season to watch the REAL beautiful game, so im sure after watching those wonderful players i know a little bit. Fanboy HA what are you on about. I play all games on all systems, i actually really like the demo of PES this year compared to the previous abortions, which led many players including myself to abandon & move to Fifa. Is Fifa perfect, nope, never will be, can i defend & score against the goalkeepers this year, yep pretty easy. Casual player, mmm, lets look at that shall we. Your more than welcome to view my gamertags to see there's not been a game out on the big 2 systems i haven't either played or completed, very casual that is i must say.
Just leave this here for you..

I am not alone on enjoying Fifa as the scores on Metacritic clearly show. So obviously me & all the reviewers are just casual gamers & no nothing, that's why it's at 84. I mean it's not as if they do reviews for a living or anything, oh, hang on....

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