Elite: Dangerous Chronicles 2: Docking Permission Granted | Technology Tell

"The first thing [Jerimiah Mueller] did was crash into Azeban City. Thankfully, I had insurance, which provided me with a free, replacement Sidewinder. On my second attempt, I gently glided around the city in search of a docking port. After a near miss with some kind of freighter (only our shields touched, I swear), I found what looked to be an entrance. I couldn’t find any way to dock my ship, but I saw ships going in and out of a tiny slit in the front of the station. Maybe it would dock after I flew through that hole?"

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ATi_Elite1506d ago

Giving StarCitizen some Competition since Beta day 1 although SC long term goals are a Galaxy beyond Elite does not mean a thing as Elite can change over time but either way Space Sim Combat trading exploration on the Pc has reach a new level of innovation and grandness.

Even X-Rebirth seems to have gotten it's act together