Urban Camouflage DualShock 4 released in U.S., other colors get discounted

The Urban Camouflage DualShock 4 has launched in the U.S. The previously-released Glacier White ($53.46), Jet Black ($50.99) and Wave Blue ($53.73) color variations also got discounted.

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dp2774071477d ago

I got mine from Wal-Mart the night Destiny launched and I love it. I hope we get a really nice selection of colors and themes for our controllers and consoles this gen.

Insomnia_841477d ago

I got the wave blue one. Waiting for that silver color that will be released at some point.

guitarded771476d ago

You have to be careful with it... they're easy to lose.

killacal131476d ago

I wish there was a silver one coming to the states.

Massacred1477d ago

Man, Sony's been doing a good job with controllers, although I wish the backs of them were the same color still. . .

Xb1ps41476d ago

Now that one is for me... Glad I waited to buy my second controller cause I will be getting this one but I'm sure they will come out with another color I want too..

Wish they made it so you can just easily swop covers or something, it's not like I'm going to keep buying a new controller.

Ninjatogo1476d ago

Really torn between this and the glacier white. I like the more compete look of the white but I know this won't turn an off yellow over time.

RatchetandClank1476d ago

I really would like to see a classic ps1 grey color controller.

badboyz091476d ago

Get one made and modded to any color you want.