Could Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 Be Open World Like Forza Horizon 2, but Closer to a Simulation?

One of the most widespread elements of the games of this new console generation is the open world. While graphics, bells and whistles evolved only up to a certain point, open worlds have spread far and wide thanks to the improved asset bandwidth and memory of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Very little is known about Gran Turismo 7, and Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers dreams a bit by exploring its possibilities as an open world game.

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qwerty6761480d ago

idk, but i do think open world racing games will become more prominent and we'll see circuit racers not die but dwindle down.

JP13691480d ago

I really hope you're wrong, because I'm not a fan of open-world racers. The track design is rarely ever as focused as you see in circuit or point-to-point racers. Although, I guess it doesn't really matter since I prefer sims and those will remain circuit based.

aragon1480d ago

I hope u right, because an open world gt wouldn't be gt to me anymore.

Orbilator1480d ago

I prefer circuit racers to, but like you say its a preference thing, if they include open world and tracks, and allow you to play either or but not force you to, then i dont mind what they include in gt7, just give me my tracks :)

NukaCola1480d ago

"Closer to a simulation"?

When has GT not be 100% a simulation? If not the most realistic sim racer around.

guitarded771480d ago

I don't think Sony would change the GT formula. People expect GT to be GT. If Sony wanted an open racer, they would do a new IP like Drive Club.

SonyWarrior1480d ago

Kaz said a while back that he was working on open world in gt5 but scrapped the idea.

UltimateMaster1480d ago

The formula for GT works. I wouldn't change it significantly.
I'd keep all the current elements of the game as it is right now. Then, if they want to make an open-world environment, that could be a new mode to go to, maybe with some DLC.

medman1480d ago

I would like both, actually. I would hope for both track based racing, city street racing, and open environment type racing in the next Gran Turismo. I'm really hoping they won't cram 2000 cars in and forget to include a plethora of environments to race in.

Dee_911480d ago

Polyphony digital can barely make a normal racing game.Unless they hire 200 more employees I doubt this would ever happen...Almost a year later and we are still missing features in gt6.The team is way too small to make a game that scale with consistent traditional jaw dropping Gran Turismo graphics.

badz1491480d ago

Open world like Horizon? Dumbest decision EVER!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1480d ago

That and the novelty of freedom wears off pretty quickly. I played NFS Most Wanted and it was insane fun for the first 4 hours but there was really no incentive to do anything. All the cars are unlocked from the beginning, you just have to find them. Once you found your favorite cars you did all the races for them to unlock the upgrades, after that you just drove around and ticked off the cops. Gets boring quickly...

I honestly can't see GT going open world. It just doesn't fit the theme.

Omran1480d ago

everything open world :

Cars Racing
Action Adventure
Visual Novel
basketball . . . ETC

lol at these people that think every game
must be sandbox ! I don[t know why !

bouzebbal1480d ago

i am hoping at least a map like the one from GT4 PS2.
I am also hoping there aren't that many loadings between races and if they could do it more dymanic it would be great.
GT7 will be a massive game for PS4 and that's why GT games always benefit from an extra care. can't wait to see a trailer cause that game will blow minds

SolidStoner1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

DAKAR! How much open world is that?? lol :D

I would love GT engine in DAKAR game.. that would be epic on PS4.. :D those sand dunes and deserts... insane views! there is no more open world than DAKAR RALLY RAID!

PX541480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

As much as I like GT, it's more of a simulation than Forza but it's not a full simulation. Just beacuse you can modify the settings of the car, doesn't make it a Sim.
Until recently there wasn't even damage or the ability for cars to come off the road (i.e. flip or jump)
It was the closest thing to a full Sim on consoles for a while but it's never been 100% Sim.

That being said I think the line in the title - "Open World Like Forza Horizon 2, but Closer to a Simulation?" - means that GT7 would be open world like FH2 but more of a Sim than FH2 is.

nX1480d ago

I hope GT never goes open world... open world racing games are boring if you ask me. Driving around in GTA is fun because of the living city... pure racing games can't replicate that. The only open world racer I truly enjoyed from start to finish was Burnout Paradise and I played almost every game in this subgenre.

Retroman1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

GT-need-to-be-GT......just-as- NFS-suppose-to-be-NFS-but-we-g o t-instead-Burnout-engine-in-NF S .
NFS-used-to-be-about-circuit, s print,drag-racing-now-it-is-al l -open-world-find-me-if-you-can - racing./NFS-should-never-becam e -open-world....sales-dont-lie,

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GribbleGrunger1480d ago

Where is the driving skill in just cutting straight through a winding road and ignore the need to decelerate, brake, change gears, find the right racing line, accelerate out of a corner and then hope another driver isn't so skilled? A true racing game tests your ability to react correctly. Even a five year old child could hold a button and drive straight. GT needs to stay just as it is.

Software_Lover1480d ago

The driving skill is knowing when to brake, decelerate, change gears, and turn properly so you don't hit a tree or spin out of control.

GribbleGrunger1480d ago

Of course ... that's why all major professional racing is on tracks. Obviously they're not skilled enough to go off road.

opoikl1480d ago

I bet that amateur Vettel would get his F1 stuck on the first speed bump in the road.

Charybdis1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Dakar style races need allot of space having off road races everywhere simply isn't really possible in real life, esspecially in crowded environments. Either way track racing has it strong points but so does offroad racing.
I would advise trying the demo with offroad racing, it isn't simply driving in one straight line, though could be possiblility I guess for some parts of the races if damage is turned off.

GribbleGrunger1480d ago

To me, if I wanted to jump in a car and race anywhere, I'd buy GTA5.

Software_Lover1480d ago

No that's not what I meant, and I'm pretty sure you know that. It takes just as much skill not to kill yourself in off races as it does in track racing. Even though, you could say in real life, off road racing is still track racing.

Sayai jin1480d ago

I mean come on..a video game does not test anyone driving skill. I could be the very best gamer of racers, but hat would have not prepared me to be doing 285 KM on the autobahn.

On topic, GT only needs to be GT...a great racing sim. It will stay true to it's elements.

Dee_911480d ago

@Sayai jin
umm, gt academy? The winners are pretty much dominating racing right now too.

I would like open world as a feature.I'm not sure about huge open fields.. I personally don't see how small areas with large fields can take away from the overall difficulty... Driving offroad actually take more skill then driving on road...I take it you guys don't play online and see all of the willow spring and streets of willows rooms? Those tracks have open fields you can just cut across.Its not always about testing your skill, its also about having fun.. which why it would be a nice feature.. I will always prefer circuit racing though.Nothing to do with testing driving skill, but because I love a good racing circuit.

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C-H-E-F1480d ago

Long ago, he said that GT5 was going to be open world, but because of the dev time and delays they cut it. I wonder why they didn't put it in GT6 so it's possible to be there in GT7 doesn't matter to me...I love GT regardless.

Dee_911480d ago

I think he said something about an C-Spec in gt5 coming in an update to introduce an open world, never the entire game being open world.

FITgamer1480d ago

I wouldn't minde if they made an open world spin off for the casual market, but keep the original GT a true sim.

Retroman1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

hope-open-world-racing-dwindle -down
bring-back-circuit,drag,sprin t-racing.

open-world-racing-is-what-kil led-off-NFS..IMO.

Criterion-2-games-and-Ghost-g ames-Rivals.
open-world-is-not-for-every-r ace-game.
if-by-chance-Gran-Turismo-hit -open-world-that'll-be-a-s a d-day-for-all.

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Kayant1480d ago

Well as long as they branch off the series like Forza horizon and GT7 is a track sim racer it should be fine but I don't see long term fans of Gran turismo accepting GT7 as a open world racer or even having open-world/area aspects to it.

qwerty6761480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

something i think evolution studios should have done

i mean Sony has GT already for a track sim exclusive racer. But then they waste another of their studios developing the same thing?

i have to ask why. Use Evolution to develop an open world racer or motocross or wipeout bringing a different experience.

I mean One of the things FH2 seems to have done is appeal to none racing fans because its not a generic track racer. and thats what i feel like Driveclub should have been.

Orbilator1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

sorry double post

Orbilator1480d ago

i gonna disagree with you there quicktim3

i think DC is all about the social aspect and team racing, GT7 is all about the sim,

I think they can both co exist, and both are day 1 for me.
FH2 is defo the best racer on xbo but thats not saying much when you look at what it pushed out. Still a great game though

Outthink_The_Room1480d ago

I agree. DC should have been open world if they were going to do one. GT in an open world would be awful. You need a significantly less sim and more arcade to do open world.

DC, even though it's not as arcadey as it should be, could have been the answer to Horizon.

GT7 will never be an answer to Horizon. It's DNA is going head to head with Motorsport.

Also, the announced social stuff for DC is very similar in alot of ways to the Horizon online stuff. Drivatars are one thing regarding social, but the Horizon 1000 player Car Club is much more akin to DC.

Maybe Sony is banking on NFS and The Crew for their open world racing? I don't know, I never saw a reason for DC when you have arguably the most prolific racer in gaming at your disposal.

blackbeld1480d ago

FH2 is nothing new Burnout Paradise has years ago the open world racing and it s***.

I want to race not driving 30.min back to the track and start the race again. Luckily they changed that in later patches. Burnout is still great game but not as great as GranTurismo.

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Daz1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

IT be cool but i find it hard to believe this. Time will tell.

I thinks fans will be split if they go open world but then again they could have both in the game.( drive to the track day or something)

kratoz12091480d ago

I prefer racing on the circuits

DougLord1480d ago

Wow 1st time Ive heard a Sony/GT fan say they want GT to mimic FH2. Shows how good of a game it is.

Sonyslave31480d ago

FH2 has set the bar high for racing games.

Orbilator1480d ago

its raised the bar for racing games on the xbo, but thats all.

hello121480d ago

[email protected] it got 9's in the ratings for a reason the game has everything you want.Does it really matter the game is for x box 1.

What makes you think Sony and its studios will do any better? If Driveclub can get rating of 9/10 then you can talk.

GameDev11480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

yeah right *rolls eyes*


So does that mean Shadow of Mordor has set the bar for rpg open world action games or Velocity 2X set the bar for indie titles?

To set the bar, Forza Horizon 2 has to offer something other racers would want to have. As far as I know, no other racer this gen really follows the Horizon 2 approach.

The original Forza and Gran Turismo has set the bar for their future iterations

opoikl1480d ago

I don't think any true GT fan wants a FH clone instead of what we've come to know and love of the franchise. It would be better to state that we wouldn't mind seeing a game like FH2 on PS4. I would buy it along with GT7. There's more than enough room in my racing heart for both a track-based sim and an open-world, more casual and fun-centered racing game.

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