DLC: Fan Admits Nintendo is Fallible; Shunned by Community (Satire)

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wonderfulmonkeyman2550d ago

There's a big difference between satire, and bitter criticism of a fanbase poorly disguised as satire.

The latter, the article's title is.

BobbyJ19862550d ago

Hit little too close to home, huh?

wonderfulmonkeyman2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

More like half-baked slander just pisses me off.

If fans had >not< held Nintendo accountable for their mistakes with the Wii U, from its power to its name to its horrible launch lineup, they would have blindly made the thing sell like the Wii did, and it would be neck-in-neck with the PS4 right now.
But that's not what happened, and we all know it.

Sales of the console, after the natural early adopter boost, dropped like a rock and stayed that way for a long time, only recovering after key software and some good decision in bundles and hardware features came around to make the console more attractive.

To say that fans never held Nintendo accountable is a flat-out lie.
They've been in the red two or three times now, profits-wise, because fans spoke with their wallets to hold them to their mistakes.

Of course, it didn't help that Nintendo left things to incompetent third parties and their ports to try and cover for Nintendo's own lack of killer first-party games during the first year and a half or so.
That was one of the worst mistakes Nintendo made; they should never have allowed third parties to run the show like that, when third parties obviously had no intention of pushing for the Wii U's multiplat advertisements as strongly as they were on other systems.

Idree2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Lmao BobbyJ1986 just won the internets!
Brilliant comeback hahahha!
Made me chuckle xD

randomass1712550d ago

I wouldn't take it personally. All fans are passionate and you could stick any fanbase into this and the meaning would be exactly the same. For a satire piece it wasn't all that funny though.

CD64052550d ago

I believe you are taking the article a little too seriously. Of course the majority of the fanbase is not like this, but the absolute hardcore (like any demographic to any console/game/media etc) can be rabid. It's poking fun at that.

The majority of the Destiny fanbase aren't representative in the two DLC articles, but it's not a personal attack.

Just take a step back and realize it's not a serious piece.

wonderfulmonkeyman2550d ago

Fine. I've got Hyrule Warrior's to play anyways, and I've said my piece and gotten it out of my system.
Nintendo's fans did hold Nintendo accountable, that's all I really wanted to say.

BobbyJ19862550d ago

Obviously, you didn't hold them accountable monkeyman, you're sitting at home with a Wii U playing Hyrule Warriors.

seraphym882550d ago

whats funny is i agreed with the bottom 2-3 paragraphs. lol. cept' the conspiracy thing, obviously.