Everything You Need to Know About Tiny Troopers: Alliance - Out Tomorrow

Tiny Troopers: Alliance is out tomorrow and Grab It has a world exclusive making of feature on the latest entry in this 7million selling series.

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SlappingOysters1480d ago

Excited to see how this spin-off plays out. The first two games were good fun - like Canon Fodder meets Worms.

CoyoteHunter1480d ago

Admittedly I haven't played one of these games yet. Should I jump in with this title or play earlier titles in the series?

Cookiebex1480d ago

I am in the same position. I have watched others play but haven't jumped in myself. This one definitely has my attention though

SlappingOysters1480d ago

The first two are good fun, especially the sequel. Works well on touchscreens with commands. But different experiences to Alliance. More traditional combat-action and less management/strategy.

shipnabottle1480d ago

The big in-depth pieces behind the scenes-type features are one of the strengths of this digital magazine. Definitely worth a coupe of bucks for a good Sunday read if you're into iOS gaming