Driveclub Vs. The Crew Vs. Projects CARS ~ Who will finish in pole position?

Sean Davies of PSGamer: The PS4 has been in the wild for nearly 10 months and in that time we have had only 2 serious racing games to get our hands on – The lukewarm Need For Speed and the lacklustre Moto GP 14. Fortunately, racing games seem to be like buses and if you wait long enough, 3 come at once. That is exactly the situation we are facing over the next few months with PS4 exclusive Driveclub, Ubisofts The Crew and Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS all arriving in close proximity of one another. All 3 are aiming to race into your hearts (and your wallets) but which will take pole position? Having got my hands on all 3 of these games in the last month, here are my thoughts.

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Applejack1504d ago

I'm personally going to get the free edition of Driveclub first and then buy Project Cars when it releases the month after. Not so interested in The Crew.

ABizzel11504d ago

3 completely different games. The only similarity is that all 3 games involve cars.

What matters most is how each game feels. PJCars needs to nail the sim aspect, DC needs to be a great middle ground, and The Crew simply needs to be fun.

Eonjay1504d ago

Everyone wins this time. Accept it and congrats to all gamers. Nintendo fans, this includes you too. Project Cars looks great on Wii U.

asiatico1504d ago

Same. Driveclub looks like a fun experience. Project cars looks like the more complete game.

PeaSFor1504d ago

saw a preview for project cars and they mentioned that the AI is pretty much "abberating".

...but its only a preview so i will wait to see real reviews. in french)

HaveAsandwich1504d ago

im watching a guy stream the crew on twitch right now. looks horrible.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1504d ago

Out of these, Driveclub has the most staying power. I find the novelty of freedom wears off pretty fast in open world racers. Not sure how well project cars will be supported after launch.

elninels1504d ago

They'll all be pole position once Gran Turismo 7 comes out. In my humble opinion of course.

Torque_CS_Lewith1504d ago

I don't think pole position means what you think it does.

CarterMonsta1503d ago

i got the closed BETA for the Crew and i can tell ya, it ain't that FUN!!

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jambola1504d ago

I'm looking forward to the crew more than any of these, don't know why, it just caught my attention the right way since a long time ago.

CloudRap1504d ago

Its like every Ubisoft game, a great concept with half baked execution, the physics and textures look awful so Ill pass.

Mr Pumblechook1504d ago

I don't know which will be best but you wait ages for a racing game then three come along at once. I bet if one of the publishers released their game at a different less crowded time it would benefit from much better sales.

uth111504d ago

yeah, Crew sounds like the most fun on paper. But I keep hearing negative comments about it. I guess I'll wait to see how it reviews and how the final build looks before deciding to pick it up.

DERKADER1504d ago

Driveclub = Arcade Racer
The Crew = Open World Racer
Project Cars = Sim Racer

hennessey861504d ago

I was about to post the same thing, it all comes down to which of racer you prefer.

RebelWAC1504d ago

I think the masses (casuals) will prefer DC, the hardcore Project Cars and the... I don't know about the crew honestly. It seems fun on paper but it shouldn't be compared to DC or Project Cars after what I've seen from it..

hello121504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Its fairly obviously he'd pick Driveclub first. For popularity Driveclub will win easy.

Is it the best racer out of the three?

I don't know we will see when the reviews come out.

[email protected] You can't compare you're right, but Driveclub was a launch game and had an extra year to be developed. The game should be getting a least an 8 anything less is not good. Sony fans should be demanding a good game you waited long enough.

qwerty6761504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

well i mean, its from a playstation fanboy site. so take that with a grain of salt.

but to me project cars looks like the best of the three.

GameDev11504d ago

You are just waiting for those reviews, aren't you? ready to compare it to FH2 even though Drive club is a different racer

ABizzel11504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Every XB troll is waiting for it, and honestly it's sad. This generation has spawned some of the worst people in this dysfunctional community. The majority of the you shouldn't dare call yourself gamers, in no way do you deserve to be in the same category as a real gamer.

Fanboys and trolls is all you'll ever be and I'm thankful for that ignore button.

I've never seen so many people who claim to be gamers sit around and wish for the worst for the competition. I can't believe people wake up everyday and prepare to troll on the internet. Do something with yourself, it's not sane or healthy.

CloudRap1504d ago

FH2 is fantastic and Ill be picking up Driveclub on launch as well.

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