Cliffy B Says Gears 2 Netcode Will Slice Through Host Advantage

Kombo writes: "Anyone who's played Gears of War online has felt it. That fraction of a second of anxiety that comes after every shotgun blast, where you wait for the game to figure out whether or not the information representing your shot actually went through fast enough to register as a hit. Of course, if you're the one hosting the game, you never have this problem - in fact, your weapons are basically the finger of god, destroying anything they point at. Hence the term, 'host advantage.'

The fact that gamers still play Gears of War in spite of this problem is a testament to the strength of the core gameplay, but even the most strident defenders of the game wont argue that host advantage is a massive pain in the ass."

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pharmd4475d ago

thanks, i love you too!

on topic: it sounds great, if it works well maybe others will incorporate it!

TheSadTruth4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

host advantage wasn't just "fractions of a second".. it was more like half or even entire seconds

it made it impossible to hit moving targets with anything other than a shotgun and completely ruined the online mode in my opinion.. at least in other games u can lead the shot if host is a problem but not even that works in gears

n to the b4474d ago

I do it all the time in Gears. and when the host's connection is good, there is only the 'fractions of a second' delay, TheSadTruth.

Cherchez La Ghost4475d ago

A Sigh of relief. But I still have issues about this. Some of my friends still have strong Lancers & Shotguns even when they're not host. I wish Gears 2 would be on a dedicated server.

ElementX4475d ago

I thought Cliff no longer wants to be called Cliffy B?

Bnet3434475d ago

I r4p3 hosts on Gears.

Condoleezza Rice4475d ago

I remember Chainsawing you twice.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4475d ago

I promised to use only my pistol. Guess who ended up getting smacked in the head? Kigmal that's who.

Bnet3434475d ago

lol only nubs chainsaw, gg kid


For god's sake Epic, stop being cheap and get a server. This F*ing game gonna make you guys some millions anyway.

socomnick4475d ago

I kinda disagree m8. I actually like being able to host a game for my friends and dont want there to be dedicated servers. I look at psn as a testament as why dedicated servers fail. MGO for example runs on dedicated servers and its garbage.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl4475d ago

Once game invites and the like are introduced for PSN, playing in dedicated servers won't be that bad.

Polluted4475d ago

Midway runs tons of UT3 servers for Epic, but I think MGS publishes the Gears games, so you're not likely to see any dedicated servers. It would be nice to have a mix like in UT3.

004475d ago

to spend all that money for lamborghinis.

games4fun4475d ago

your off on two counts first off why would you hate on the psn when its konami's servers that run mgo blame konami for not using sony's dedicated servers, secondly resistance and warhawk use sony's servers and they run very well in fact there is little to no lag and are miles better than p2p servers. Secondly although these games have dedicated servers you can still host matches using your ps3 as a dedicated server and not play or play and use p2p, only the official games run dedicated servers so in all your very wrong.

socomnick4475d ago

games dude heres the thing its still sonys and psn screw up. If mgo was on xbox live I guarantee that it would not be the disaster that it is now. Why you might ask because everything on live has to be approved and inst so reliant on 3rd partys like psn. I like being able to buy an xbox game and knowing for the most part that it will work great online. Cant say the same for ps 3 games.

1stKnighT4474d ago

Warhawk's online structure was a mess when it first came out. It took almost a month to get it running smoothly. You never have any problems with any 360 online games at launch.


Funny how all you want is compare server to PSN... Servers != PSN. I remember playing with servers so long before PS3 was even announced, but just because this is a difference between PSN and XBLA now, people are shifting focus to this deal and saying stupid think like "servers are bad"... So good is to have unbalanced game thanks to lag?

Really, I was not trying to push any comparisons, saying things like this make you guys look dumb.

Don't really matter how Warhawk or Sony or anyone in particular deal with it, we all know server is good for you for looooong time now. And I never said "cut P2P from now on, it's sh*t", servers can live with P2P, it's not like they are enemies or anything.

ThanatosDMC4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Wow, socomnick has no clue what he's talking about. It's like a donkey feeding himself through his butt or a butt feeding a donkey? I'm just lost for words...


Lagging like a mother does not equate "will work great online". Also, listen or read peoples comment or know more about what you're trying to bash. MGO is hosted by Konami servers. You my friend just plain out sound envious.

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