ESO Subscriber Loyalty Program Begins Today

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Today marks the beginning of the ESO subscriber loyalty program.

This afternoon, The Elder Scrolls Online declared that the ESO subscriber loyalty program officially begins. Emails were sent to all active subscribers. The loyalty program, first revealed last month, basically rewards members with special in-game items. The first reward is an Ice Wraith vanity pet known as the “High Hrothgar Wraith.” Pets are being sent out today via in-game mail, but the ESO devs caution that it may take a few days to receive the reward.

To become a member of the ESO subscriber loyalty program, players must:

1) Have an active ESO subscription,
2) Have been subscribed for three months (excluding game time included with the initial purchase of The Elder Scrolls Online and any additional complimentary game time).
The program will be expanding over time, and future rewards will be sent to members subscribed for six months. At this time, specific rewards haven’t been revealed. Stay tuned for future announcements."

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