Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor Guide: Hunting Challenge Guide

In Middle-earth Shadow Of Mordor you will have hunting challenges you can complete for bonus EXP. This starts off easy but quickly becomes much more difficult. This guide will help you find the creatures you need to hunt so you can complete your challenges.

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1482d ago
iNFAMOUZ11482d ago

im tired of all these guide articles, why dont you just play the game and find out yourself?

morganfell1482d ago

Agreed. It's an open world game. By using guides you turn it into one giant linear experience. I understand people getting stuck and needing help, but why the need to beat the game as fast as possible with no work?

CaptainCamper1481d ago

If you enjoy the thrill of exploration, then don't read the guides. How difficult is that? lol

Sideras1481d ago

Question is, why do you care? :)