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Enemy1480d ago

Is that Atlantis? Oh my god.

Septic1480d ago

Atlantis makes sense actually.

This game is going to be epic!

-Foxtrot1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Probably just a submerged city, I highly doubt it would be Atlantis

The last game was about the Atlantis of the Sands so I doubt they would do another Atlantis straight after

Besides it looks like a normal city despite the fact Atlantis was always thought of as a beautiful, advanced city

seppo911480d ago

What Foxtrot says.
Plus the book Uncharted The fourth Labyrinth told the story of Atlantis, its probably not canon but dont think they would cover Atlantis one more time anyway.

ShinMaster1480d ago

Yeah, it doesn't really look like Atlantis.

Another thing I noticed was how close to the surface it was.

UltimateMaster1480d ago

Isn't Atlantis sunk in the bottom of the Mediterranean sea?

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Abriael1480d ago

It looks like a modern city, from what I can see.

starchild1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

I don't know, all I know is that I can't freaking wait for this game. All of the Uncharted games have been amazing.

It looks like we're going to be getting some serious underwater action this time. No, you dirty minded people, not that kind of action. But who knows?...;)

-Foxtrot1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Wonder who is in the boat with him

Sully and Elena or new characters?

Hopefully it's Sully and Elena. If it's going to be the last Uncharted game why add new characters, may aswell feature the old gang on last time and focus on them instead.

Adding Chloe and even Cutter (despite how fantastic his character was) was a little pointless in Uncharted 3 because they never got much screen time. Actually Elena didn't even get much screentime

I really hope Elena is the second most featured character in the game.

Summons751480d ago

Uncharted 3 was a mess story wise since the main uncharted team were knee deep in The Last of Us. Cutter was stupid and you're right Chole and Elena should have gotten more screen time and it's not a real Uncharted game if Sully isn't in it.

-Foxtrot1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

Well apparently Uncharted 3's team consisted of more Uncharted members. The only difference was Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann were doing The Last of Us with the second team. However the team that did Uncharted still consisted of more people who had worked on past Uncharted games.

I think the main problem with the story was that they crafted it in a way of showing us Sully's and Drakes back stories...a plot device of some kind so they could link it to the present story. I really think that was a huge mistake as you should never create a story based on telling a characters backstory, it should just come naturally when telling your main story regardless of what it is. If it doesn't happen then maybe it wasn't the game to do it.

In my opinion they shouldn't of really went into Drakes and Sully's backstory too much, I liked the mystery of it and it's something which could of easily be put together in future games and spin offs. I mean for example I thought the level with young Drake was way too long and the entire chapter could of been set in the present aswell using it as a chance to develop Cutter more.

In the end they should of just done what they did with Uncharted 2 character development wise and equally give each character better screen time.

I think Chloe shouldn't of appeared until the end in some sort of cameo and Cutter would of taken her place as the "new" character which is involved in the overall story. Like how Chloe's development revolved around Uncharted 2s story.

Elena should be with Drake at the start of this.

BiggerBoss1479d ago

Cutter wa awesome what are you talking about?

Salooh1480d ago (Edited 1480d ago )

We played the area in that art photo in one of the previous games but don't remember which one though..

Dirtnapstor1479d ago

Is this the book that supposedly contains visual hints for their new IP?

Double_Oh_Snap1480d ago

What what? *Looks* Art looks great. I want to see Uncharted 4 in game screens or video so bad. I really hope we won't have to wait until E3 to see it.

Applejack1480d ago

Maybe we will see actual gameplay at the 2014 VGAs even though last year was a cringeworthy mess...

NukaCola1480d ago

Gameplay teaser at VGX this year.

I also expect Fallout 4 to tease their as well. It's going to be exciting for the trailers.

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