Gamer Rape: An Epidemic

Sarcastic Gamer takes a copy of GTA4 and MGS4 to several places to find out who's screwing gamers most, when it comes to trading in used games. Includes side-by-side comparisons of what several trading options offerred

From the article: "I could see if the game ran slower, or needed maintenance, the older it got, but a used game in good condition delivers EXACTLY the same game experience as its new counterpart. So why are these companies turning in record profits off of these trade-in practices? Complacency.

As gamers, we'll get riled up about anything, as long as it doesn't ACTUALLY get to be INCONVENIENT. When we're done with a game, we need it GONE right then and there, and waiting to complete a transaction online is just unfathomable.

Rather than anticipate our desire to get rid of a game and sell it for BIG bucks, we hop in the car and drive mach-2 towards these loan sharks."

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ErcsYou3862d ago

about a month or two ago i was in GameStop and i saw a used copy of COD4 with no case or instructions and they wanted $54.99... The funny part is that it wasn't there the next day. Somebody got suckered

Jack Bauer3862d ago

whats even worse is i had mine since day one and payed 33 for it, along with behind enemy lines too... BB price match to CC at 39.99 (person did 34.99 by accident) plus 10% the difference.

but dang i never thought about some of those markups... glad i have no money in GS now, thats usually my excuse for going back...not now anymore are they getting my money.

TOSgamer3862d ago

then say they traded game A for game B a week later. Kids need to be smarter with their money. I mean you know you can rent a game at Blockbuster and keep it for 13 days with no penalty right? Its $8 to rent a game and some of these people are paying $30+ to "rent" a game instead.

slugg3862d ago

How can it be rape if no one forces you to do it? I personally consider my videogames a "collection" and don't buy a game I don't plan on keeping. Friends and I exchange games with each other to play, so not all of us have to buy every game we are interested in, either. Also, renting games is a cheaper alternative to buying/trading, and places like Gamefly couldn't make it easier. The two biggest gripes I have with this article, however, are (1)the fact that you should "expect" to be able to trade in something you bought in the first place. Can you trade in a car stereo after you buy it? tires for your car? Refridgerators? People buy new cars KNOWING that as soon as they drive it off the lot, it is worth less that what they are paying for it, but that is the way it goes. And people who used to buy games, CD's, Movies, etc., had no place or plan to trade them in-- they bought them because they wanted them enough to pay the asking price (anyone else remember how expensive movies were on Laser Disc?). (2) Yes, you can get better deals buying games from people over ebay, etc., but what guarantee to you have that they will work? Or include everything you thought you were getting (manual, original case, etc.)? Seems like it would be a lot easier to get screwed this way-- I heard a story about someone who bought a PS3 at launch for $600.00 and got a box of rocks. At least at Gamestop they let you look at the disc and see what you get with it before you pay, and they will replace used games if their are problems pretty much forever. But the main thing is-- if you think you are getting screwed, don't do it. No one is "forcing" you to.

ThanatosDMC3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I agree, it's just business. I'd do the same to profit.


Btw, i just read your last two or three sentences.

LKane3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Fine it's not rape. Yes, if we think we're gonna get screwed, don't let them. So in that case, think about it as child molestation, where the victim doesn't know any better that they're actually getting screwed, lol. Most of those victims are not actually forced, but that doesn't make it right. That article serves the purpose of letting people know that gamestop/ebgames is ripping people off left and right, and now that we know better, we shouldn't let gamestop rip us off anymore.

As for point 1, yes, once you drive the car off the lot, it is worth much less. However, if you CAN find a private buyer as opposed to trade it in to the dealer (ebay vs gamestop), you will most likely get a better deal, but your mileage may vary.

In addition, IF the expectation is that a used game should be worth much less, then gamestop shouldn't be selling used games for nearly full price.

As for your point number 2, you're thinking as the buyer's persepective. As far as this article is concerned, it's the seller's point of view, as he's trying to sell his copy. In that case, if your copy works, then there's almost no risk involved, as the buyer would pay before you ship the thing.

As for me, I only shopped at ebgames recently because they had a bunch of $10 game sales (I bought RE umbrella chronicles, manhunt 2, battalion wars 2 for 10 bucks each, brand new sealed. They also had TC New Blood and a bunch of other (mostly crappy) games for that price.)

Megaton3862d ago

This is the main reason why I don't shop at GameStop. I don't support companies that practice consumer rape.

It drives me crazy when I see someone posting online about how excited they are that they got a whopping $30 for a handful of relatively new games from GameStop, when I know they could have gotten so much more if they bothered with eBay, or even Blockbuster. It's like selling a dollar to someone for a quarter, and being happy about it.

ThanatosDMC3862d ago

I agree, that's why i took my time buying my HDTV. I bought two in Sam's. Funny that it costs a lot less there.

PoSTedUP3862d ago

i dont trade games in, either do i buy them used, im a collector.

INehalemEXI3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Some collectors items (older games) can only be bought for a sensible price used. Since they are not made anymore.

There have been times when ive had to pay full price + for PS1 games due to an ex that destroyed my collection from that era.

jadenkorri3862d ago

i personally have quite a large game collection, over 100 ps1, maybe 80 plus ps2 and counting, and maybe 15 ps3 games and counting, and pc, well, its less than 200 and more than 100, how bout we leave it at that... if anyone other than god himself destroys my stuff, ie girlfriend, relative or even a friend, they better run, cause if i get a hold of them, bad things will happen to them... this is ridiculously alot of money and im not gonna lose it... I don't buy used games, all brand new, unless absolutely no other way to get it..

TruthbeTold3862d ago

If we gamers weren't stupid enough to give them this cheap inventory, this practice wouldn't exist. If you are short on funds though, and a new game is out that you want, then I guess you do what you have to do. Yes people are being exploited, but it's not akin to rape. What's happening to the companies that make these games though? That's another story. IMO, anyone who bought used or traded in a struggling game like No More Heroes is just wrong.

jadenkorri3862d ago

seriously 54.99 for used MGS4 as an example, compared to the 59.99 for brand new... i get asked all the time at GS/EB to buy used, im like its 5 dollars less for used, if you can't afford 5 dollars, maybe you really shouldn't be buying that game in the first place... Yes there trade ins are ridiculously low and used is way over priced... on top of that, devs don't get that extra money, that 54.99 you just spent on (insert game name) goes to GS/EB, one day devs will go on strike demanding money for their products if resold resale... The writers strike went on strike to get money from online, why not this...

TruthbeTold3862d ago

I agree with you completely. I'm just saying that I think that the biggest reason people trade games in is because it helps them to more easily afford new games. People who buy used recent games are just cheap, and part of the problem in a more "malevolent" way.

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