Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Beginner’s Tips - Unlock Forge Towers, Kill with Stealth

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): WB Games transports you to the dangerous valley of Udun in the gore-filled Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, an open world adventure in which you play a resurrected Ranger named Talion, who sets off on a blood-covered revenge tour through the vicious Uruks; think orcs, but bigger and meaner. In addition to cutting off heads and freeing slaves, you’ll find plenty of side missions and collectibles that help transform the game’s hero into a more efficient warrior, but don’t run head first into the thick of combat without keeping these Shadow of Mordor beginner’s tips in mind.

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MrCherry1477d ago

So this is 101 of the game, all that you get use to as you go and pick up.

Simco8761476d ago

So much to do in this game. Sometimes feel overwhelmed and rushed. Pretty cool the consequences when you die though, pretty awesome game.

ScorpiusX1476d ago

Have it since Tuesday and have not opened map at all have spent all my time killing Urks.