Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Sports Relatively Low Pre-Order Numbers

Hardcore Gamer: Has the inevitable Call of Duty death finally begun? According to an industry expert, Advanced Warfare's pre-order numbers might suggest that it has.

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ValKilmer1480d ago

Oh come now, this is a game that is so popular that you can buy it before it even officially exists.

Call of Duty isn't going anywhere and after the disappointing Titanfall and Destiny this year, it will be the best selling game of the franchise.

Funantic11480d ago

True. COD will be around for a while especially in my living room.

decrypt1480d ago

"Has the inevitable Call of Duty death finally begun?"

Hell no, console gamers will soon pick up the slack. No way they can get tired from a COD game.

MasterD9191480d ago

Val Kilmer has a better chance of a comeback than COD at this point.


spacedelete1480d ago

i'll believe it when i see it. then again Ghosts was an absolute joke. worst game in the whole franchise. even i bought it to see if COD finally changed for next gen but it hadn't.

jackanderson19851480d ago

reason number 4.... more people are going digital?


Why do people want cod to fail so bad? Its as if they have mo ey invested in a competing shooter. The only thing that will kill of cod is cod.

DeadlyOreo1480d ago

Some of the hate on the internet for Call Of Duty is absolutely mind-numbing. It has become a huge bandwagon, like they have to vent their hate towards it to anyone who will listen. Here's to hoping the game has huge sales, which it most likely will anyway.

Pwnag3Inc1480d ago

Expressing your hatred for ANY game seems to be all the rage lately. Im a live and let live kinda guy.

Because this a new dev and a new direction for the franchise, i personally will be waiting.

danny8181480d ago

I honestly got burned with ghost.
Its a horrible game. Now with Destiny it was just not my type of game. I think many people are more conscious about the games they buy nowadsys

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The story is too old to be commented.