Players May be able To Switch Party Members in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV received plenty of coverage recently when it took the center stage at this year’s TGS with its road trip trailer. The game was missing for more than a year without any proper footage and info and suddenly made a big appearance at TGS with a kick-ass trailer. Along with this trailer, we also heard a lot of new details about the game, along with the news that Tetsuya Nomura is no more involved with the project.

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NukaCola1506d ago

Game doesn't need it. It's not turn based. FFXIII static player made it frustrating, specifically since in previous FFs, if your main guy is down, you can be revived many ways by others. It's not the end of the world.

vishmarx1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

imo it was just a misinterpretation , he might have meant that the party members are controlled by ai unlike ,7,9,9,10 and more akin to 12,13 at a given time
and no point was it ever said that player switching is out.
well find out in two days though

Metallox1506d ago

Other RPGs aren't exactly turn based and don't have problems switching playable characters. I think this function is a must. What if some people don't like Noctis movements?

Kamikaze1351506d ago

As long as it works well, I'm fine with just one playable character.

Spotie1506d ago

Ys: MoC isn't turn based, but you can switch your characters on the fly, and it works quite well.

Not a matter of needing it or not. Just a matter of implementing it well.

rextraordinaire1506d ago

Many real time rpgs did character switching well. Tales, Star Ocean, Ys...

iamtehpwn1506d ago

I've been hearing it was a mistranslation, and that they meant you will only be able to play as Noctis in the demo, Episode Duscae.

I don't see why they would change the ability to switch party members when they've shown it off as a feature since the first Gameplay reveal back on Ps3.

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Double_Oh_Snap1506d ago

I really hope so... I just think it would be a lot of fun and add a lot of combat variety.

Paprika1506d ago

Other interviews have stated you will have control over party members in battle. The demo won't however.

I'll find some links :)

gangsta_red1506d ago

It's looking more and more like great action RPG's like Tales and Rogue Galaxy!

Can't wait to play this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.