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Entertainment Buddha's Nick Horry writes: "The ability to customize Auriga to your liking is detailed and satisfying, much like creating a custom Earth in Civilization, Endless Legend adds more depth by letting you choose how many continents, small islands or rivers there are, as well as allowing you decide the shape of the landmasses and the percentage of ocean. Additionally, you could simply set everything to random and chaotic and see what you’re left with. This depth is very useful and gives the player the ability to tailor a game specifically to what they want from their randomly generated world."

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FrogSpork1477d ago

4x strat games can be so much fun once you get into them, I just have trouble getting into that state of mind. This does seem pretty interesting however.

Volkama1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

It is reviewing really well, but I know it'll be available for less than half the price around christmas and I know I have something like 200 other games to play.

But not clicking purchase is so hard! Which is probably why I have 200 games to play.