Bloodborne's PS4 North American Alpha Invites Sent; Check Out the Title Screen and its Eerie Music

Sony Computer Entertainment just sent out the mail invites for the North American alpha of Bloodborne, advising that, like in Japan, the test will be held for three hours a day in three specific dates like in Japan.

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Xsilver1482d ago

I want Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn e Please :) i'm about to go beg Yoshida on Twitter.

nX1482d ago

I'd buy one :D
Really curious about the multiplayer mode.

ZoyosJD1482d ago

I got one, but it's not a code to be given out / sold. It's a direct download link sent to your PS4 from Sony or at least that's what the email stated.

Unfortunately, I won't be available for the first 3 hour session on the 1st due to previous plans (I will be remote playing it if possible), but the 3rd and 5th are MINE!!!

So happy and grateful I got in. I wonder if the 3 plats helped...

XBLSkull1482d ago

So no email? Got my PS4 at work first now so I don't know if I got in or not...

jhoward5851482d ago

I love it. Sounds scary. Why don't Hollywood make movie sound tracks like that for horror films.

ocelot071482d ago

Also UK I got mine today. Please remember there is a NDA in place.

eyeDEVOUR1482d ago

Yeah, but im still hoping for some leaked gameplay.

rebeljoe141482d ago

Sounds like Max Payne theme at the start and then Max had to fight monsters in the middle and then near the end it feels like he turned into one himself

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