19 Screenshots of My Unforgettable Forza Horizon 2 Journey to Level 115

CraveOnline: "These last couple weeks of gaming have been two of the best in my long life of playing video games. Put simply, Forza Horizon 2 has rocked my world. Not only have I taken joy in driving dozens of cars of all kinds, but I’ve tuned them and upgraded them with the help of over 2000 viewers on Twitch."

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MattE1478d ago

Amazing game.. Cannot wait!

Godz Kastro1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

1 more hr before I get home. I missed the first Horizon as I thought it was a standard racing game. Here I am playing the demo and now fully understand the difference. Once i cut off road to try to take the lead on some cars in front and I cut through some trees and hay fields...i was sold!!!!

Edit: Dag! Level 115! Sheesh

Foehammer1478d ago

Very impressive and diverse scenes.

Great job

hduce1478d ago

I can't remember ever having this much fun with a demo.