The Best Shinobi Money Can Buy

Some mistake being hardcore with just buying every game in an entire series and trying to convince everybody in earshot that the "just don't understand" the entries that are horrible. Not every franchise is genius from start to finish. And SEGA's Shinobi is included in that. After the back-breaking Shinobi release on the PlayStation 2 -- a deliriously hard game that was a lot of fun -- SEGA tanked out with the sequel Nightshade.

With gaming dollars not going as far as they once did, thanks to the rising costs of games and systems, you can find real bargain fun in retro. (There are some yesteryear classics you will have more fun with than a $60 game like Turning Point.) But even retrogamers need to be conscious of their cash, so IGN have compiled the five Shinobi games in the long-standing series worth your money.

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LeShin3867d ago

ah....Shinibi. A brilliant series. Sega, please release a new next-gen Shinobi game we all deserve. Better yet, release a 2d remake of Revenge of Shinobi!!

MK_Red3867d ago

Shinobi 3 and Revenge of the Shinobi are the best. Definitly among the top 10 best Genesis games (My all time fave console :) ).

kewlkat0073867d ago

Streets of Rage vs Final Fight
Colums vs Tetris
Shinobi vs Ninja Gaiden...etc

Was the last Shinobi good? I never got to play it..

My buddy had SEGA nd I had Nintendo so I used to plya this series on SEGA. Good games.

Rock Bottom3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Shinobi games were awesome, the PS2 game was... not so good/not so bad, but it sure was so damn hard.