Destiny Guide: How to Get Unlimited Spinmetal and Endless Chests

Gameranx: "In Old Russia, chests respawn you."

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kneon1504d ago

I usually pickup 40-50 spinmetal in 20-30 minutes just running around the divide checking rooms and picking any spinmetal I see, and I get to shoot enemies and do missions while I'm at it.

Every once and a while you also get a "Super chest" that contains as much as a dozen of the resource plus 2-3 other items, including the occasionally legendary. I'm sitting on close to 500 spinmetal right now and I've spent hundreds, and that's just from running around.

Phene1504d ago

Am I right in saying spin metal can be sold via "material exchange" for vanguard rank? So then you can buy vanguard armor/weapons?

Elwenil1504d ago

You can, but in my opinion it's only viable when you are just starting the game and want to get your Vanguard rank up quickly. Later on you will want to hold onto some of the materials to upgrade weapons and armor. If you have a huge surplus of materials, by all means sell it but the gain is very minimal for the work expended, so I would not think of it as a good way to rank up. Think of it more as a bonus when you get too much of a resource but I would keep 100 or so on hand since you never know when you will need it. Just my .02

kneon1504d ago

Yes, and that's true for all 4 of the resources. You can also trade them in for crucible marks, it depends which vendor you go to.

But be careful, you can only earn 100 marks of each kind per week but I think it will still let you trade them in even if you've maxed out already, you just won't get any marks for them.

Battlefieldlover1504d ago

Don't listen to that guy, you farm and you rank that bad boy up and reap in your marks and reputation. Plus once you get all purple and up you can buy armor to break down and level up :) level 29 and oh so close to becoming legend....whatever that means in this plot...

sprinterboy1503d ago

It's been ruined now everyone knows about it