The Photography of Forza Horizon 2

FanBolt writes: "One of the features I always love in the Forza series is the ability to just stop the game in the middle of all the action to take a picture. Forza Horizon 2 opens up the option once again for players as they can take full advantage of their artistic eye to capture all the greatest moments that happen within the game."

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TXIDarkAvenger1504d ago

Played the One version. The photography at night with rain looks so amazing.

Foehammer1504d ago

Great time to be a gamer.

Enjoy your creativity.

spicelicka1504d ago

What do you mean One version? Isn't it only on Xbox One?

system221504d ago

ist on 360 too but pared back a bit from the one version

spicelicka1503d ago

^ohh that's right I forgot about the 360 version

PCBOX1504d ago

This game leaves me speechless everytime with its visuals!The best no doupt!!!

Ace Killa 081503d ago

was racing online and looked back to see where the rest of the players were and was stunned with how the lights look. I literally asked all the players in the session to look back...except for last place :D.

Kingdomcome2471504d ago

I'm hoping to get a screenshot feature soon. This game would make great use of it.

Kingdomcome2471504d ago

Yeah, sorry. I posted another comment down further after realizing that. I should've just edited my comment.

zero_gamer1504d ago

This game is downright beautiful on the Xbox One and loads of fun.

Kingdomcome2471504d ago

Forgive my ignorance. I didn't read the article. It appears the game has an in game screenshot capture function. I'd assumed people were using capture cards. I'm not into racing games, so I don't have any previous experience with Forza games outside of the demo, which I loved.

Ace Killa 081503d ago

If you love it then jump on it. Games worth it. Trust me when you start to get cash that Ferrari or Lambo will be worth the buy.

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