Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare preorders are still sluggish

Activision is one of the biggest video game publishers in the world thanks to a handful of gigantic properties. But as it unleashes its upcoming megahit, its most successful brand of the last 10 years looks like it’s starting to lose its sales luster.

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gusgusjr1480d ago

game looks decent but I'm going digital this time haven't pre-ordered yet waiting for xbox one to get the pre-order up

SwamiOnTheMountain1480d ago

Maybe a lot of players are just opting to buy it via download instead of the archaic disk method? More reliable than UPS.

Or maybe people don't want to play a tribes version of CoD?

Or maybe there are enough games to play now that they don't need to buy it right away?

A game has to be trusted to be guaranteed fun in order for players to want to pre-order it so badly. CoD has lost that trust with a large percentage of players. (I mean... they won't even fix the spawn system.)

jrshankill1480d ago

I think it is a combination of both.

People are beginning to prefer digital versions instead of physical copies... I think this comes down to gamesharing.

Also, there are a load of new games coming in the next few months.

Cra2yey31479d ago

Game sharing is an annoying process on ps4. Also people might be waiting for that ps4 2.0 update with shareplay to try out the game before they buy. Cod ship has sailed since mw2 tho...

MetroidFREAK211478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

If they don't count digital preorders, then something is wrong. I Have my digital copy fully paid off. But I'm sure this game will sell plenty of copies to keep it alive throughout it's cycle.

Ghost_Nappa1477d ago

I'm waiting to see if they offer a free digital upgrade from 360 to One